Banner Stands

Banner Stands

Roller Banner Stands

Roller Banner Stands


Simply remove from bag


...insert the pole


...pull up the banner


...and hook onto the pole


...a professional graphic seconds!


Tension Banner Stands

Tension Banner Stands


A range of tension banner stands


The frame and banner are separate


Assemble the frame...


...hang the banner and tension it on the frame



Double Sided Banner Display

Double Sided Banner Display


Maximum coverage with a double sided banner display


Banners that face in both directions


A variety of types and styles


Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Banners


Banner stands and graphics suitable for outdoor use


Includes outdoor graphic stands and flag units


Printed fabric or pvc banner included




Linked Exhibition Banners

Linked Exhibition Banners


Linked exhibition banners


...for a more impressive, cohesive display


Create a continuous image by linking banner stands

Banner Stands


A wide range of banner stands ensures that we can provide a real solution to suit your needs. Our banners are all quality prints, UV cured and finished, complete with a carry bag and ready to go!

Banner stands are very popular for providing an easily transportable, quick to install, graphic display. There are different types of banner displays to suit different applications - exhibitions, retail, point of sale, indoor and outdoor events. Usually they are supplied with a bag for easy transport to the venue.

The most popular width for indoor banners is 800mm, but they are available in a wide range of sizes up to 2 metres. Heights vary, but are generally about 2 metres.

Roller banner stands, or ‘pull-up banners' are particularly popular because the banner is housed inside the base unit on a roller cassette mechanism. This means that the banner is well protected by the housing during transport and storage. Some roller banner bases have twist out feet on the base to aid stability. These are generally budget banner stands. Many stands don’t need this though as the banner base is deep enough to be self-supporting. Poles can either be bungeed together to create a fixed height, whilst some are telescopic, suvh as the Barracuda banner stand.

To assemble, the base is simply put in position - the pole is located in a socket in the base and the banner rail is pulled up from the base and hooked onto the pole. With a fixed height banner the pole is leant backwards to make it easier to attach the top rail, whilst with a telescopic pole, it can be hooked on at low level and the pole extended to the desired height in stages. When taking down a roller banner remember that the print is tensioned on a roller spring. Ensure that the banner print is released gently back into the banner housing to avoid damage.

Tension Banners are an alternative to the roller banner. Tension banner displays are usually 2 parts - the banner print and the frame that it fits to. The banner framework is assembled and then the banner is hung on the frame and tensioned before locking the banner into position. A popular banner in this range is the  Uno banner stand

Tension banners can also be linked together to create a wider display - for instance, 3 x 800mm wide units can make a 2.40m wide print. Linked exhibition banners are joint together and the prints can be lined up with magnetic edge tape that is applied out of sight on the rear of the prints. These are particularly useful as exhibition banners.

Sometimes it is necessary for a banner display to be Double Sided and display graphics in opposite directions. There are both roller cassette and tension units available to create a double sided banner display.

Generally, the banner displays mentioned above are not suitable for outdoor use - they are light and vulnerable in the wind. Also, damp and wet conditions could affect the hardware.

A range of Outdoor Banners have therefore been developed. These banners use either UV print and cure technology onto pvc banner materials or dye-sublimation printing onto fabrics. The banners can be applied to different types of banner stands, including simple A-frames or moulded plastic structures that can have water or sand added as ballast to stabilise them. A wide range of flag banners are also available.

A wide range of materials is available for printing your banner, dependent upon the circumstances and environment in which your banner is required. From simple banner vinyl, through robust polyester and printed fabrics, the choice is wide and varied. Recommended material is included with each banner stand, but feel free to ask about other options that may be available.

We can supply Artwork Templates for your banner stand, to help your designer set the artwork efficiently and correctly.

Ensure your banner is shown at it's best by including a banner light to highlight your display!