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10 Panel Kits

10 Panel Kits


Panel kits with 10 main display panels, the range includes both Folding Panel Kits and Panel and Pole Systems


Various display panel types includes Baseline, Baseline Plus and Phantom. Covered with Velcro compatible Loop Nylon. Standard panel sizes include 900 x 600mm and 1000 x 700mm

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10Fold Baseline Panel Kit

Folding Baseline panel kit with 2 worktops

900 x 600mm or 1000 x 700mm display panels

Wide range of colours available for these panel kits



10 Panel Pole Baseline

Larger 10 Panel and Pole kit

Economical 900x600 or 1000x700mm Baseline Panels

Panels can be swapped Landscape or Portrait


10 Panel Pole Baseline Plus

Uses thicker Baseline Plus panels

900x600mm or 1000x700mm panels

Can be swapped Landscape or Portrait


10 Panel Pole Phantom


Uses our premium Phantom panels

1000x700mm frameless edge to edge fabric

Can be swapped Landscape or Portrait