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8 Panel Kits

8 Panel Kits


Panel kits with 8 main display panels, the range includes both Folding Panel Kits and Panel and Pole Systems


A variety of display panel types includes Baseline, Baseline Plus, Phantom, and GearEdge


Standard panel sizes include 900 x 600mm and 1000 x 700mm, Loop Nylon covered or Printed

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Stock 8Fold Baseline Panel Kit

8 folding panel kit, incl. bag Available from Stock

Blue/Grey 900x600mm Baseline display panels

Best Buy at £175


8Fold Baseline Panel Kit

Larger folding Baseline panel kit

900 x 600mm or 1000 x 700mm display panels

Wide range of colours for panel displays


8 Panel Baseline - Aluminium Frame

8 Panel Baseline Folding Kit

900x600mm Aluminium Framed Panels

Choice of loop nylon colours


8 Panel Baseline Plus

8 Panel folding kit with sturdier Baseline Plus panels

900 x 600mm or 1000 x 700mm

25mm framed panel with loop nylon covering


Gear Edge 8 Panel

Floor standing Gear-Edge 8 panel folding kit

900 x 600mm aluminium frames and geared hinges

Loop nylon covered or printed graphics panels


8 Panel Pole Baseline

Useful 8 Panel and Pole kit

Economical 900x600 or 1000x700mm Baseline Panels

Panels can be swapped Landscape or Portrait


8 Panel Pole Baseline Plus

Uses thicker Baseline Plus panels

900x600mm or 1000x700mm panels

Can be swapped Landscape or Portrait


8 Panel Pole Phantom


Uses our premium Phantom panels

1000x700mm frameless edge to edge fabric

Can be swapped Landscape or Portrait