Panel Kit Bag

Panel Kit Bag

From £22.00

Exhibition Panel Bags are supplied in 2 grades:

Basic Panel Bags are made from 600 denier p/u coated polyester canvas and have a pair of handles to assist with carrying, They are ideal for use with folding panel kits, providing strong, yet lightweight protection. These bags are provided with a top and upper sides zip.

Available either 125mm or 160mm deep - for up to 6 or 8 panels, depending upon the thickness of the exhibition boards.

Standard Panel Bags are made from tougher 1200 denier p/u coated polyester canvas. In addition to a pair of handles, these bags have webbing and a shoulder strap fitted, making it easier to carry larger or heavier display equipment and panels, Standard Bags are also provided with a top zip, that extends further down the sides to make loading exhibition equipment into the bag easier.

Available either 128, 160 or 200mm deep - for up to 6, 8 or 10 panels, depending upon the thickness of the exhibition boards.

Choose the size of Exhibition Panel Bag according to the panel size of your chosen Display Boards.

40/50mm has been added to the Display Panel size to assist loading into the bag.




BASIC BAGS – with carry handles

Internal Dimensions

940 x 640 x 125mm         AB110        £22.00

940 x 640 x 160mm         AB110A       £23.00

1040 x 740 x 125mm       AB114         £24.00

1040 x 740 x 160mm       AB114A       £25.00


STANDARD BAGS– with webbing and shoulder straps

Internal Dimensions

940 x 640 x 160mm         AB109        £30.00

940 x 640 x 200mm         AB109A      £35.00

1050 x 550 x 160mm       AB112A      £30.00

1040 x 790 x 160mm       AB115A      £30.00

1040 x 740 x 200mm       AB115B      £35.00

1040 x 1040 x 128mm     AB116B      £35.00

1040 x 1040 x 200mm     AB16A        £70.00

1240 x 940 x 160mm       AB117        £85.00


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