Display Plinths are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit many different display requirements. Primarily our plinths are constructed within the Physique range of furniture and intended for use at exhibitions and events. These portable plinths are collapsible for easy transport and storage. Strong bags and cases are available to help with storage and transport.

One of the main feature of these exhibition display plinths is that the vertical sides (mdf tambour) of the plinth are attached to the plinth top and base with Velcro. This panel (tambour) which forms the sides of the plinth is made from an mdf which has vertical grooves in it, making it flexible enough so that it wraps around the plinth. The top and base of the plinth have male hook fastener fixed to a sub ring. The tambour has female hook fastener on the edges and is wrapped around the plinth top and base so that the parts attach to each other via the hook fastener. This creates a strong display plinth with a load capacity of up to 70kg. Tools are not required to assemble these display plinths..and they can be assembled complete within a few minutes.

The height of display plinths vary up to 1200mm max, but you must ensure that the specified size of your display plinth is suitable and stable for the item that you want to display. You will also see in our range that you can have 400, 600 and 750mm dia. display plinths as multi-height nesting plinth sets, with 3 (or more) display plinths connected together to form a clustered plinth display.

There are 2 styles of Physique Plinth. Freestyle, where the tambour is a flexible mdf covered in foam backed loop nylon, and Physique Graphic, where the tambour is a Printed Wrap.

Physique Freestyle creates a more rigid display plinth than Physique Graphic because the mdf provides more bracing. Physique Graphic reduces the load capacity to about 25kg.

Physique Graphic relies on Twist’n’Lock poles between the worktop and base to provide the plinths with structure. The printed graphic is attached to the top and base of the plinth with Velcro. The load capacity of Physique Graphic Plinths is reduced to about 20kg.

If you want a Physique display plinth with graphics that can take a heavier load, then you should opt for a Physique Freestyle Graphic, where the printed plinth wrap is velcroed to the loop nylon covered mdf. That will give you a display plinth with graphics that can take a load of up to 70kg.

Custom Made Display Plinths are available by economical quotation.