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This video shows how the Basic Round Plinth works.

The same principles apply with Physique Round Plinths

Quick and easy no tools assembly.

Flat-packed with carry bags

Display Plinths are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit many different display requirements. One advantage of exhibiting is that the customer gets the opportunity to get a better impression of you and your products. Being able to examine a product that is displayed on a plinth is an opportunity for the customer to gain some confidence in your offering.

Primarily our plinths are constructed within the Physique range of furniture and intended for use at exhibitions and events. These portable plinths are flat-packed for easy transport and storage. Strong equipment bags and cases are available to help with storage and transport.

One of the main features of these exhibition display plinths is the ease of assembly. The vertical structural panel of the plinth is attached to the plinth top and base with Velcro, which means that no tools are required. This panel (known as the tambour) which forms the sides of the plinth is made from an mdf which has vertical grooves in it, making it flexible enough so that it wraps around the curve of the plinth easily. The top and base of the plinth have a sub ring to which male hook fastener is fixed . The tambour has female hook fastener on the edges and is wrapped around the plinth top and base so that the parts attach to each other via the hook fastener. This creates a surprisingly strong exhibition plinth with a load capacity of up to 70kg. Because these portable display plinths are so simple to assemble, they can be completed within a few minutes and ready to go.

The height of Physique plinths can vary up to 1200mm, but you must ensure that the specified size is suitable and stable for the item and location that you want to display. The height can be increased for larger diameter plinths by adding a second tambour above an intermediate former disc. Standard diameters are 400, 600 and 750mm, but we can manufacture a Custom Made Plinth at virtually any diameter to suit your project.

A very effective display can be produced by nesting plinths together. 400, 600 and 750mm dia. plinths are available as multi-height plinth sets, with 3 plinths connected together to form a clustered plinth display. Two of the plinths have a crescent cut-out, so that they can sit snugly against the next plinth. A tab of hook fastener is applied to the edge of the cut-out worktop to stop the plinths from moving apart. Each plinth can be covered in a different colour of loop nylon to increase the visual effect.

There are 2 styles of Physique Plinth. Freestyle, where the tambour is a flexible mdf covered in foam backed loop nylon, and Physique Graphic, where the tambour is a Printed Wrap.

Physique Freestyle creates a more rigid plinth than Physique Graphic because the mdf provides greater structural bracing that support weights up to about 70kgs. The mdf tambour is covered with foam backed loop nylon, where the foam backing smooths out the vertical lines created by the grooves in the mdf tambour.

Physique Graphic relies on Twist’n’Lock poles between the worktop and base to provide the plinths with structure. The printed graphic is attached to the top and base of the plinth in the same way with Velcro. This allows the structure to twist a little more and reduces the load capacity to about 25kg..

If you want a Physique plinth with graphics that can take a heavier load, then you should opt for a Physique Freestyle Graphic, where the printed plinth wrap is velcroed to the loop nylon covered tambour. That will give you a graphic plinth that can take a load of up to 70kg.

Custom Made Plinths are available by quotation. Physique Plinths do not need to be circular in plan but do require 50mm rounded corners so that the tambour can be smoothly wrapped around the shape. A square plinth is perfectly possible, provided the corners are rounded.

We are also able to produce plinths that are not based on the standard systems that we use. Bespoke Display Plinths to your specific requirements are perfectly possible. There are many variants that may need to be applied. Perhaps you want a different finish - Laminate, Paint, Metal, Suede - these are all materials that are used in the Display Industry. Bespoke Plinths may be necessary for

It may be that you want some protection for the exhibit on your plinth. Acrylic Hoods can be made to sit on the plinth top, covering the item on display. Plinth Hoods are usually for smaller items and a frame for the hood needs to be avoided. Acrylic can have mitred, polished and glued corners, producing a completely frame free, sophisticated look. You may also want to add some security and give your exhibit extra protection. This may be by mechanical fixings or a lock and key for those more valuable items.

You may also need storage within the plinth itself, or perhaps there needs to be some electrical or data equipment. This will require a door or lift-off panel so that you can get access for maintenance. This can also be useful if your plinth requires some display lighting.

We would be very pleased to hear about your requirements or see any design you may have and provide you with a quotation accordingly.

Equipment bags are available to make it easier to transport and store your flat-packed plinths.

If you have any questions about our Exhibition Plinths, please email sales@displaykit.co.uk

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