Exhibition Counters are available in many different styles and sizes to suit various applications and uses. Most of them are collapsible for easy transport and storage, making them ideal for use at exhibitions and events. Included in our range of exhibition counters are 4 main styles – Physique, Linear, Formulate and Gear Edge.

The Physique range is very popular for exhibition counters. The main feature is that the vertical sides (tambour) of the information counter are attached to the worktop and bottom former with Velcro. The top and base have male Velcro attached to a sub ring, which makes a very strong connection. The tambour has female Velcro and is then wrapped around the counter top and base so that the parts hold together via the Velcro. This provides a very stable display structure that can carry loads up to 70kg. These reception counters are easily separated after the event - and all without the need for tools! Equipment bags and transit cases are available for transport and storage.

Physique furniture has 2 assembly methods. Freestyle, which has the tambour as a flexible mdf covered in foam backed loop nylon, and Physique Graphic, where the tambour is a Printed Graphic Wrap.

Physique Freestyle is stronger than Physique Graphic because the mdf tambour helps to create a more rigid structure. These counters can support a load up to 70kg.

The structure of Physique Graphic is formed with Twist’n’Lock poles between the counter top and base. The printed graphic is then secured to the top and base with Velcro. Physique Graphic units are strong but not quite as rigid as Freestyle, The load capacity is therefore reduced to about 20kg.

If you want a Physique exhibition counter with graphics that can take a heavier load, then you should opt for a Physique Freestyle Graphic. This is a Freestyle counter where the printed graphic wrap is Velcroed to the loop nylon covered mdf. That will give you an exhibition counter that can take a load up to 70kg, but with a full graphic wrap attached.

Gear-Edge is a range of folding exhibition counters. The Gear-Edge system is based on aluminium frames which are hinged together. The frames have a removable side so that either a loop nylon faced board or printed graphic sheet can be slid in. The counter base simply opens out to form a stable unit onto which the worktop is placed. A shelf is then located internally between the sides. A folding display showcase which includes a clear acrylic top with acrylic sides is also available. All Gear-Edge counters are supplied with a carry bag for transport and storage.

Formulate Exhibition Counters are based on a lightweight aluminium pole system that simply threads into sockets on the worktop and counter base. The graphics are a printed PowerStretch sock that pulls over the frame of the counter and is secured by a silicone gasket that is pushed into SEG grooves in the top and base. The range also includes a Magnetic Counter that can be extended by placing another next to it...and then another - and the magnets hold them together to make a longer Exhibition Desk.

Linear System Counters are based on the Linear Modular System. These counters are constructed with aluminium posts supporting thermoformed mdf worktops and bases. Linear is not as fast to assemble as Physique and Gear-Edge, but, with simple Twist’n’Lock fittings they are still relatively straight forward. Exhibition desks created with the Linear system are sturdy and professional. Foamex graphics panels are simple to apply and complete the effect for your event or exhibition. Equipment bags and transit cases are available to assist with transport and storage.

Other systems include Pop-Up Counters and Promotion Counters to suit events and demonstrations of all types. There are also Workstations and Lecterns to help with practical demonstrations and presentations at Conferences and Seminars.