iPad Holders

iPad Holders are a useful tool at an event or on an exhibition stand. As an exhibitor, there are a few key functions that they can help you with. It looks a bit more professional that writing details down on an enquiry sheet, and a great help when talking to your prospective customer about your services and/or products.

One of your prime purposes of attending the exhibition is to gain leads. Entering the visitors details onto an iPad or Tablet, means that they are instantly recorded and can be sent to your offices electronically for entering onto the database. Information can then be sent to the customer in a timely fashion and subsequent follow-ups, etc. properly logged.

When you are involved with customers on the stand, you should be promoting your company or organisation in the best light. This is likely to include discussions involving corporate literature or other presentations. Having this available on an iPad or Tablet will make life easier for you and create a better impression for the customer.

Security for your iPad or Tablet at an exhibition is paramount. You do not want either a competitor or an opportunist thief walking of with your hardware, and, worse still, your hard earned and expensively acquired exhibition leads. There is usually a lock or similar security retainer built into the holder, along with a base that can be fixed down to the floor. Come the end of each day, take your iPad home or to the hotel with you, and ensure you upload the days work to your companies server.

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