Literature Displays

A Guide to Literature Displays

Properly presented literature speak volumes about your organisation! We have a broad range of Literature Displays available.

Portable Literature Stands

Floor Literature Stands

Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders

Counter Top Brochure Holders

Literature displays are required in varoius scenarios, including Reception Areas, Showrooms and Exhibition Stands. For this reason there are many different types of literature stand. Leaflets stacked on a table top soon become dis-organised and untidy - brochures presented well are readily accessible and reinforce your professional image.

To start choosing which Leaflet Stand is best suited for you, there are many different criteria to be considered.

Location...Is your Brochure Holder to be permanent in a showroom or reception area, or does it need to be transportable for an exhibition or promotional display?

Permanent Literature Racks may or may not need to be fixed in place. That is not necessarily the case for floor standing units, where the weight of the display should be sufficient. Similarily, Counter Top Brochure Racks are usually freestanding, but a Wall Mounted Brochure Display often needs to be screwed to the wall. Some have fixings supplied but most do not. Keyhole slots for 'hook-on' screw fixings are quite common.

If you need to display a Leaflet Dispenser on an exhibition stand or a temporary display, provided the wall has a Velcro compatible covering and the dispenser has a flat back, then you can often stick self-adhesive hook fastener (Velcro) to the back of the Brochure Rack and it will grip the wall covering. If the wall is not velcro compatible, it may be possible to stick and staple female hook fastener that will grip the male fastener. Bear in mind that leaflets and brochures will make a dispenser heavy and you will need to make sure that the fixing is secure.

Paper Sizes...A4 Leaflet Holders are the most common. A3, A5 and 1/3A4 are also widely available, particularly as counter top and wall mounted dispensers. Other sizes of literature display are available, but the options are more limited, simply because demand for these sizes is much lower. If your litertaure is a non standard size, you may have to settle for a larger brochure pocket or have a literataure display made to order. If you can't see the size of leaflet holder that you want, please call us.

See our guide to Paper Sizes

Is your literature portrait or landscape? The majority of brochure racks are suited to portrait literature - because most literature is produced portrait. If your leaflet or brochure is landscape, there are display units specifically designed as such, but there are fewer options.

Floor Literature Stands

These can either be designed as permanent leaflet display stands for use in showrooms and reception areas, or as portable brochure displays for use at exhibitions and other promotional events. Portable literature display stands either fold down (like the Zed Up Lite) or have a simple jointing system so that they can be packed into a bag or case for ease of transport. Many of these brochure stands are made from steel or aluminium, but now there are portable stands made from polymers and polycarbonate (such as Cascade) which are very lightweight and strong. When using leaflet stands with hinged components, always make sure that any anti-collapse features have been set.

Revolving Literature Displays

Carousel Literature Racks are primarily for showroom, shop or reception use, but it can also be used as transportable stand for exhibitions. Care should be taken with packing, transport and fixing at events to avoid damage to any plastic pockets and components. This type of brochure stand can be very useful when you want to display different sizes of literature on the same stand.

Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders

Wall Mounted Brochure Holders are mainly made from plastics, such as acrylic or moulded clear polystyrene. Leaflet racks are usually fixed to the wall with screws and often have keyhole slots to help avoid damage and/or hide the fixing. Multi pocket brochure displays are available, either with brochures stacked vertically or horizontally. Vertically stacked leaflet pockets often lean forwards, so good front support is required to avoid 'forward flop' with thinner papers. Units such as Maxi-Tier are designed with the overall height of each leaflet rack the same so that 1/3A4, A5 and A4 literature displays can be used side by side and yet create a cohesive, good looking display.

Outdoor Dispensers

Outdoor Leaflet Holders are available with hinged lids to give protection against wind and rain.These are designed to automatically close so that the leaflets remain dry. They are weather proof - not water proof! There can be no guarantee that they will keep your literature dry - but overall, they do work and are a good way of making your literature available out of hours or on an otdoor display.

Counter Top Brochure Holders

Counter Top Leaflet Holders usually need to be compact so that brochures can be displayed on a work surface. Too tall or too wide and they will just get in the way of other display material and/or work processes. Vertical stacking brochure stands are preferable, although a small 3 or 4 sided revolving brochure stand is very useful. Again, many of these brochure dispensers are made from acrylic or clear styrene.