Floorstanding Leaflet Holders

We have a range of quality Floorstanding Leaflet Holders to suit different circumstances and locations. Folding units for transport to and from exhibitions add events, Leaflet Stands to enhance any environment, inclusing reception areas and showrooms, along with Rotating Brochure Stands suitable for retail and offices.

Included are:

Literature Display units that are ideal as permanent Literature Stands for showrooms and reception areas are available with different accessories. They can be combined with graphics panels to create greater visual awareness, or with audio visual equipment to tell a more detailed story. A weighted base and central pole enhance the stability of these freestanding units.

Rotating Brochure Stands that are generally used as a Carousel Racks in retail and showroom displays. They are available with differing capacities and it is possible to mix the sizes of leaflet pockets on a Carousel Leaflet Stand. The largest capacity A4 stand is Quartz, with 24 pockets which are 32mm deep each. These can have dividers added which will split each pocket into 2 smaller at 1/3A4, making a total of 48 pockets. Quartz is also available with 12 pockets limited to the upper half of the stand. Crystal Carousels can have a more flexible layout with the option to have differing paper sizes on each level - 1/3A4, A5 and/or A4

Portable Literature Stands are available that take apart or fold and come with a bag or case for easy transport and storage. These stands are are great for Exhibitions and Events, but equally appropriate for more permanent displays in showrooms and reception areas. . Most popular is the Zed-Up Lite range, which is available in 3 paper sizes - A5, A4 and A3. Other designs, such as Quantam and Cascade, which are made from polycarbonate and tough plastics, for A4 use.

There are several Literature Pole Stands which support a few leaflet pockets in combinations that are not as common as generally required. The majority of these stands are designed to display A4 literature, but 1/3A4, A5 and A3 units are also available. This includes single, double, triple and quad displays, both portrait and landscape, and others which include snap frames to display the leaflet on show or other ancillary information.

See our Guide to Paper Sizes to assess the suitability for your literature stand