Portable Literature Stands

Our range of Portable Literature Stands are easy to assemble and ideal for use at exhibitions and events.

Primarily these are Folding Literature Racks, designed to make them more compact and easily transported to and from events. They are generally supplied with a black canvas carry bag to make them easier to carry and offer some protection during storage. The exception to this is Zed-Up Lite, which is supplied with a camera style case to offer greater protection.

Zed-Up Lite has 6 clear acrylic shelves framed with aluminium, 3 on each side to make it a double sided unit. There is a catch which is set to locked to hold the frame open in an upright position. There are 3 sizes of Zed-up Lite - A5, A4 and A3. The A5 and A4 stands have six shelves to accommodate a brochure on each shelf. The A3 unit is ideal when you want to display more than 6 x A4 brochures, or mix A3 and A4 on the same stand - 2 x A4 will fit on an A3 shelf, giving a full view display for 12 brochures.

Cascade and Quantum are both Brochure Stands constructed from durable plastics. Quantum is similar in style to Zed-up stands, but with 5 shelves and looks very stylish finished in black. Cascade is a more upright, single sided design with 4 clear polycarbonate pockets.

Xanadu is a 4 pocket roll-up leaflet holder with fabric pockets and a stiffening pole. This is a convenient, lightweight unit, that is suitable for displaying a smaller amount of literature so as not to overload it

See our guide to Paper Sizes to check that your literature fits the pocket size.