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Here we present a range of Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders to suit a host of different applications. From a Single Pocket Leaflet Dispenser in a church porch to a Multi-Pocket Brochure Rack in a corporate showroom, there should be a solution here to suit your organisation.

A4, A5 and 1/3A4 are the most popular Brochure Pocket sizes and most types will cover those sizes of literature. However, if you have a leaflet that doesn't match these sizes or can't see it here, let us know because we probably have a solution. Variations of paper orientation are also covered, with both Portrait and Landscape available.

Many of these Wall Mounted Leaflet Dispensers are simply fixed to the wall with screws. Often units have keyhole slots and the literature pocket just hooks over the screws that have been fixed into the wall beforehand.

Wall fixings need to be secure, as a loaded leaflet holder carrys a fair amount of weight, and you don't want the fixings giving way. If the wall is solid brickwork or blockwork, that is good, because there is little restriction as to where fixings can be made. Firstly, you need to mark the fixing positions and then drill the wall with a masonry bit. You should then insert a plastic fixing plug into the hole and ensure it is flush fitting with a hammer. The screws can then be screwed into the plastic plug to ensure a solid fixing for your literature rack.

However, many walls are not brick or blockwork and secure fixings can be more difficult to find. In those cases it may be that the wall is a timber stud partition, clad with plasterboard. Fixings into the timber framework will be fine, whereas screws will not generally hold in plasterboard. Similar to using plastic plugs in solid walls. a hole can be drilled in the plasterboard and a toggle fixing inserted which expands behind the plasterboard to anchor the screw fixing. Other solutions include fixing the leaflet holders to an 18mm thick panel as a backing board. The backing board can be up to say 3.0 x 1.5m (10ft x 5ft) and screwed to the timber studwork of the wall. This can act a matching or contrasting decorative backing for your literature display. Once securely fixed to the wall, you can then screw your literature pockets to the wall panel in the positions you require. An alternative to a complete backing board is to fix a timber rail horizontally along the wall and fix your literature holders to that. You can repeat the excercise several times underneath the first row of leaflet pockets to produce a literature display that is made up of several horizontal rows.

Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders can be adapted to fit slatwall. Slatwall is a pre-finished or painted mdf board that has horizontal grooves into which display fixtures can be inserted. Slatwall is very popular in shop displays where the slatwall is fixed securely to the wall and the leaflet rack can be hooked into the groove with slatwall hooks. Another advantage of this system is that slatwall is designed to accomodate a mix of display accessories - shelves, poster holders, hangers and rails - so you can create a very cohesive display which includes leaflets for customers to access.

Wall Mounted Literature Racks can also be fixed to loop nylon covered display panels with hook fastener (Velcro) provided they have a flat back. It is best not to overload the pocket is these circumstances so that it doesn't become too heavy for the velcro connection. Having said that, you may be surpised as to how strong a velcro connection can be. This, of course, is popular at exhibitions, either within a shell scheme or on a self-assembly panel system.

We also have Brochure Racks that are designed to be adapted for use in a variety situations - either wall mounted, standing on a counter-top or hooked into slatwall. These include the Flexi-Fit Leaflet Dispensers and Flexi-Fit 3 Slatwall Dispensers. Both come with a separate clip on bracket that converts the Wall Mounted Leaflet Pocket to a Counter Standing Literature Holder. With the Flexi-Fit 3, a pair of slatwall hooks are included that can be inserted into the holes in the back of the holder and then hung in the slots of a slatwall display panel.

Maxi-Tier Literature Racks are really useful where you have a mix of leaflet sizes. A4, A5 and 1/3A4 units are all the same height, so you can put them side by side to create a good looking, cohesive, Literature Display. They are also available with 1 or 2 vertical tiers. Each tier includes 4 pockets for 1/3A4 and A5 units and 3 pockets for A4. Double tiers therefore have 8 pockets for 1/3A4 and A5, but 6 for A4. Silver Grey is the standard colour but some units are also available in red, blue or yellow. Maxi-Tier literature racks are supplied with screws and plugs to help with fixing to the wall.

We also have a range of Outdoor Leaflet Holders that give protection to your literature when you need a display outside. These units are fitted with a self-closing, hinged lid, to keep out the wind and rain in most conditions. These are particularly useful for restaurants and take-aways, enabling potential customers to pick up a leaflet/menu without having to enter the building.

Well presented leaflet displays speak volumes about your organisation!

See our guide to Paper Sizes to check the size of your brochure

Many of the stands are formed using injection moulded clear styrene, to produce a crystal clear holder.

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