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A great range of Poster Displays for adverts and general information to suit many different scenarios and applications. Poster Holders range in size from as small as A7 up to A0...and beyond. They can be a simple acrylic holder for a label to describe an exhibit, or a Poster Stand on the floor to provide info for a larger display, such as a car.

Snap Frames are popular as Wall Mounted Poster Displays for information sheets and advertsements in many different locations. These include places as diverse as outside a restaurant to show a menu, or inside a toilet area where they may be used to display adverts. From A5 up to A0, they are provided with an acetate cover sheet to give the poster protection, but not waterproof enough to be suitable for outdoor use. They are generally fixed to the wall with screws and the poster is changed by simply opening the frame sides which are held closed shut by a spring mechanism. Silver anodised aluminium is the most popular finish.

Acrylic Poster Holders provide a very clean style to display leaflets and adverts. The acrylic is folded to create a sandwich that secures the printed sheet in place. Sizes range from A8, through A4 and A3 , and can be produced up to A1. Applications include wall mounting and counter top, with both single and double-sided poster stands available. They are also produced with fixing tabs so that they can be used with Cable Displays.

Poster Rails and Banner Rails, enable the user to hang their graphics sheets from the ceiling or against a wall. They are simply a pair of rails that snap shut onto the top and bottom of a banner or poster. The top rail has hooks which create a fixing loop so that the banner can be hung from a suitable suspension point. The bottom rail adds weight to tighten the poster and stabilise the display.

However, in many cases the Poster Display needs to be freestanding on the floor next to an exhibit, or to assist with visitor information. Floorstanding Poster Displays include units such as Sentry Poster Stands which are available in A4 and A3 sizes. These can be adapted to suit Landscape or Portrait format. Other styles exist, including Telescopic Sign Holders, where height adjustment may be desirable. Units that combine a poster facility with literature pockets are particulary useful where visitors may wish to take away information.

For outdoor use, A-Sign Boards can be supplied in sizes from A2 to A0. A-Signs are used both indoors and outdoors, and are particularly popular for shops and other retail outlets. Just be advised that A-Frames are subject to Planning Law and should not be placed on a public pavement or footpath where they could form an obstruction or become a hazard. More modern adaptations such as Whirlwind provide a more impactful display.

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To help with your media size selection, please see our Guide to Paper Sizes

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