Workstations and Lecterns

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Workstations and Lecterns for Exhibition and Conference use.

These are units designed to be portable for ease of transport, storage and assembly.

All are practical designs to assist you with making the most of your presentation!

The Physique Lectern is available in 2 versions - Standard with a sloping top shelf or Lectern Pro, with an internal shelf.

V-Counter can be used as a Lecturn, with a choice of flat worktop shapes and either an open base or with a lockable door and shelving. It is also useful for general counter use, as an information point or computer workstation.

Many of our counters can be used as Workstations, but we have a few that are specifically designed for the purpose. Data Pod is available with a screen mount on as pole, to reduce worktop space. Data Pod Pro has an internal shelf for additional storage. Mercury and Urban are larger units, again with screen mounting areas to free up desk space.