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Create Backwall Graphics using a selection of framework systems and Large Format Printing methods.

We have solutions for a variety of promotional, exhibition and photographic uses.

Systems include Formulate, Linear, Linear Vector and Pop-Up stands

Backwall Graphic Displays have become a more varied aspect of event architecture. With the increase in development and availability of fabric printing, larger and wider graphics sheets in one piece are more easily achieved. Previously, the Graphic Backwall was a Pop-Up Stand, with a number of printed polyester sheets butted together on the frame to create a wider image. Whist still perfectly viable, they are generally heavier and more cumbersome than lightweight aluminium frames combined with fabric prints.

However, Backwall Displays need to suit a variety of different circumstances and environments, so we have a range of Graphic Display Systems to help provide a solution that meets your requirements.

FORMULATE - a simple spigot-together tubular frameworks with a pull-over PowerStretch fabric sleeve that conceals the frame and simply velcroes into place. 32mm diameter aluminium tubes create a lightweight structure over which the printed fabric graphic is fitted and secured with a zip enclosure, usually in a discreet position out of sight. Several different designs have been created, many with curves, to provide not only Backwalls, but also other structures such as banners, counters and other display structures, including hanging features.

VECTOR DISPLAYS - are easy slot-together aluminium angle frameworks that lock together with an allen key. These are best for producing straight structures, such as walls for exhibition stands. Vector can be the structural walls of the stand or a graphic wall to line out the interior of a Shell Scheme Stand. They can also be used to create wall mounted frames for Larger Graphic Displays. The frames can have printed polyester or pvc panels applied with magnetic tape. in the same way as Pop-Up Stand. However, the most popular method is a printed fabric graphic with silicone edging - known as SEG (Silicone Edged Graphics). The printed fabric has a silicone gasket sewn into the perimeter that simply pushes into the framework groove. The gasket is positioned so that the graphic fits tight enough to stretch out any creases and present a stunning looking graphic.

LINEAR SYSTEM - is an aluminium post-and-rail system, fairly typical of exhibition stand structures and of the type used to construct Shell Scheme Stands. Linear is fairly straightforward to assemble, requiring only an allen key to tighten and lock the joints. Primarily there are 2 methods for applying graphics - printed polyester or pvc panels applied with magnetic tape on the graphic and steel tape on the framework; or 3mm Foamex panels to fit between the post and beams by inserting them into the structures grooves. Foamex is an expanded dense foam pvc that can be printed directly to the face and on both sides.

Linear can be integrated with the Vector system if you want to create a section with a larger fabric printed area. It can also be used with other accessories to provide more design and display features.

BANNER STANDS - We supply wide Roller Banners, Tension Banners and Fabric Banners which are big enough to be Backwall Graphics. Usually, banner stands are about 800mm wide, but some , like Orient and Barracuda, can be supplied at up to 2 or 2.4m wide in one piece. You will find that with a Roller Banner at that sort of width, you may need 2 people to assemble it safely.

POP-UP SYSTEMS - The original Backwall Graphic Display, these expanding frames have sheets of PVC graphics butted up together and fixed magnetically to the Pop-Up Frame. They are available straight or curved and in widths between 1.20 and 3.70m.

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