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Panel kits with 7 hinged display boards that create an integral worktop. The 'W' plan shape formed by the panels, along with the additional weight, adds to the stability and gives the unit greater practicality.

These are all Folding Display Boards with the panels hinged together. There are 4 panels hinged together for the base and a set of 3 that clip on top of them to complete the backdrop.

3 types of display panel can be used - Baseline, Baseline Aluminium and Baseline Plus

Baseline Panels are a lightweight 10mm thick Display Board within an 18mm thick frame, available in either Grey PVC or Aluminium.

One face is recessed to allow graphics up to 3mm thick to be left on the panels when the kit is folded shut.

Baseline Plus Panels are a 17mm thick Display Board within a 25mm thick PVC frame and therefore studier than standard Baseline panels. Again, one face of the panel is recessed and the reverse has a flush frame.

Standard sizes for these display boards are 900 x 600mm and 1000 x 700mm.

The boards are covered with loop nylon, which is hook fastener (Velcro) compatible for displays that can easily be changed.

We are very happy to quote for custom sizes.

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