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Table-Top Display Boards are supplied complete with a carry bag, to provide a lightweight and easily transported display. We have 2 types available -- Junior and Senior Baseline. Junior Baseline is landscape format, whilst Senior Baseline is taller and more portrait.

These Panel Kits are fast to assemble. You simply unzip the panel bag...take out the 3 hinged together display boards...and fold out the wing panels to create a freestanding display.

A Header Panel is included and this is attached to the top of the unit with clips that are built into the bottom of the header.

These table-top kits use Baseline Panels, which are a lightweight 10mm thick Display Board within an 18mm thick frame. One face is recessed to allow graphics up to 3mm thick to be left on the panels when the kit is folded shut.

Panels are covered with Loop Nylon in a range of colours. The loop nylon is velcro compatible, so displays can easily be changed without marking the panels.

The panels are available with a choice of edging frames - Grey PVC and Silver Anodised Aluminium.

Table-Top Display Boards are very useful in a wide range of situations. For clubs and societies to display information, for schools in reception areas, and for craft fairs when exhibitors need to display items vertically rather than flat on the table-top. They are also ideal when physical exhibits are displayed on a desktop and you need to give more graphic information, such as pricing or descriptions close by.

You can also create graphic backdrops that are split over the boards and velcroed in position, similar to that in the photograph adjacent.

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