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Folding Display Boards are basically sets of Hinged Display Panels that can be easily transported and stored in Panel Bags. They fold-down to a size that will fit into the majority of car boots and they are light enough to be handled by most people. The hinges on panel kits are designed so that they will swing both ways - this allows more flexibility for storage and layout.

Popular Table-Top Displays, such as Junior Baseline and Senior Baseline, are designed to be used on a counter or table-top. The 3 main Display Boards have 2 vertical hinged joints. The boards are folded out to make a stable structure and then a header is clipped on top with edging channels for vertical support.

Larger Folding Display Kits are floor standing and consist of 2 sets of Folding Display Panels. The bottom set of panels is placed in position on the floor and the second set is lifted and placed on top. There are small clips located within the frames and these secure the panels in place on top of each other by pushing down on the top set of panels. 1 or 2 header panels are usually included to go on top of the main display.

Folding Panel Kits are ideal for creating effective small displays, especially when using graphic material that is home or office printed. For a more professional graphic display, we can print your artwork onto 3mm Foamed PVC board (Foamex) or other suitable media. The Display Panels are covered with loop nylon, which is a Hook Fastener compatible fabric. The Hook Fastener (commonly known as Velcro) is cut into small pieces and is self-adhesive on one side so that it can be stuck to the back of your display item. The hooks on the Velcro grip the loop nylon panel covering. It can then be removed without leaving a mark or hole in the panel. This means that you can readily change the display sheets as information is updated, or to create a completely new display to suit another event. Folding Panel Kits are used in a wide variety of environments, including schools and colleges, shops, offices, club and charity displays.

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We have 4 Exhibition Boards that we use for Folding Panel Kits:

BASELINE Panels are ideal for Folding Display Panels, being a 10mm thick lightweight Exhibition Board within an 18mm thick Grey PVC frame. The panels are recessed on one face so that graphics up to 3mm thick can be left on the panels when folded away. When doing this, you should deduct 14mm from the display panel size so that it fits within the recess. If you want to use the full width of the display panel, the frame is flush on the reverse.

There are two Baseline Panel sizes that are available as standard - 900x600mm and 1000x700mm.

BASELINE ALUMINIUM Panels are similar to standard Baseline, using the same 10mm thick Exhibition Board, but within a silver anodised aluminium frame. Baseline Aluminium Framed Panels are available 900x600mm as standard.

BASELINE PLUS is a sturdier display board, similar to the standard Baseline Panel but using an 18mm thick Exhibition Board. The panel is edged with a 25mm wide Grey PVC frame. There is a recess on one face to allow thin graphics to be left on the face when closed. Two Exhibition Board sizes are available for Baseline Plus - 900x600m and 1000x700mm.

Maxi and Junior Panels use a 12mm thick board that is again faced with loop nylon on both sides. There is a pvc frame around the panel, available in both black and grey, which is located centrally on the thickness of the panel, leaving space for 3mm thick graphics on both sides.

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Senior and Junior Baseline - Table Top Display Boards

6 Panel Folding Kit - 6 Panels with one header panel

7 Panel Folding Kit - 7 Panels with a triangular plinth and one header panel

8 Panel Folding Kit - 8 Panels with 2 header panels

10 Panel Folding Kit - 10 Panels with 2 triangular plinths and 2 headers

Jumbo Panels are 1.80m high x 900mm wide. They supplied as 2, 3, or 4 panel display screens

Panel Screens on Wheels are 1.50 or 1.80m high with 5, 6 or 7 panels

Other Folding Panel combinations can be made to create square plinths, multi-plinths, and other combinations. As long as the Folding Panels are practical and easy to handle, we can custom make them to your specification.

PANEL FINISH for Folding Panel Kits is foam backed loop nylon. There is a good choice of colours available, and you can have different colours on each side to make your Display Kit more versatile. Loop Nylon is compatible with Hook Fastener (Velcro) which means that you can change your display very easily.

Hook Fastener is sold as continuous strip in 5 and 25m rolls and can be cut into squares or lengths as appropriate. The reverse side is self-adhesive so that it can be stuck to paper, card, board and display items as required. The grip between hook and loop nylon is strong, so it is not necessary to use very much to ensure that your display remains in place. Using too much can make it more difficult to remove the display from the panel and should be avoided.

PANEL KIT BAGS are available for your folding display. We have 2 main types – the Basic Bag and the Standard Bag.

The Basic Bag is made from 600 denier black polypropylene fabric and has carry handles. It is well suited for smaller Folding Panel Kits with 900x600 and 1000x700mm Display Boards.

The Standard Bag is made from 1200 denier black polypropylene fabric and, in addition to carry handles, has webbing and shoulder straps. The shoulder strap is particularly useful for larger Panels, helping to keep the bottom of the bag off the floor and spread the weight.

Panel Cases are also available to give greater protection for the contents.

DISPLAY LIGHTING is available for Folding Panels. Clamp-on spotlights can be attached to highlight your display. Lights are clamped to the top of the Panels with cabling and connections hidden behind the display. Lighting is very important to help your display stand-out and get the attention of visitors.

WALL MOUNTED BROCHURE HOLDERS can also be incorporated into your panel display. By applying Self-Adhesive Hook Fastener the rear of flat backed leaflet dispensers, they can be attached to your Folding Boards and removed without leaving a mark. It is best not to put too much weight in the dispenser.

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