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Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular Exhibition Stands are generally aluminium systems that can be set at standard centres to create a layout grid. This makes it easier to plan your layout and design and enables reuse of standard components time and time again. The vertical posts are usually set at 1.00m centres and connected with horizontal beams, top and bottom. The aperture is usually infilled with foamed pvc panels, in a plain colour or printed.

Modular Exhibition Systems are very popular for providing Shell Scheme Stands. The use of standard components, mainly at the same size, makes it easier and quicker to erect a large number of Exhibition Stands in a short period of time. Most major exhibitions nowadays have this type of Shell Scheme and you will recognise the majority of stands that have aluminium poles at 1.00m centres, with the white infill panels that create the walls. This uniform look enables exhibitors to fit-out the interior of their stand with displays and graphics to personalise their presentation.

However, Modular Systems are not solely for shell scheme stands. The use of standard components and a grid are just as relevant when creating a Custom Designed Exhibition Stand. Special sizes and shapes can be incorporated into the design to develope feature areas. This can be very appealing to organisations that have several exhibitions each year. The system can be adapted from show to show, whilst the relevant components can easily be stored, sorted and used, as and when required.

Linear Display is our primary Modular Aluminium Display System. Linear is ideal for all types of promotion, exhibition or semi-permanent display, where a more structured system is required. This Aluminium System includes a range of profiles, components and accessories, which offer a very cost effective solution.

50mm diameter poles are available, square or round, with 8 vertical channels to create angle options. Horizontal rails can be positioned anywhere along the post length to suit displays or graphics as required. Poles can be split into 2 parts for easier transport and then joined together on site with Connector Bars.

There is a range of Linear Components and Accessories available to customise your design and add features into you display.

In addition, we also have Vector Display System, another aluminium framework, but with fabric printed graphics that virtually do away with the visible aluminium posts and rails. The graphics are printed on large stretch fabric sheets that have a silicone gasket sewn into the perimeter. The aluminium angle frame has a groove, into which the silcone gasket is pushed, stretching the fabric taught all the way around the frame and removing any creases.

Whilst Vector can be used on its own as a Display System, it can also be combined with Linear to create more structural design options

Whilst we show a range of kits, being Modular Display Systems, Linear and Vector can be configured to meet your specific needs.

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