Linear Display System

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Introducing Linear Display Stands - an aluminium system with a range of components and accessories to create a versatile Modular Exhibition System.

Linear is ideal for all types of promotion, exhibition or semi-permanent display where a more structured system is required. This Aluminium Display System includes a range of profiles, components and accessories, which offer a very cost effective solution. The basic components are aluminium extruded posts and rails that simply lock together using an allen key to tighten and undo the joint.

The Poles are 50mm and 75mm diameter, with oval and square sections available in addition to the round. These also have either 4 or 8 vertical channels into which you insert the rail lock tongue, increasing the angle options through 360 degrees.The 45mm rails can be poitioned anywhere along the post length to suit displays or graphics as necessary.

Poles can be made short for easier transport and then connected together on site with Connector Bars. They can also be finished on top with cappings and fin caps. Beams and rails are connected into the post grooves with an expanding tongue that locks them into position with an allen key.

Bases and Feet are available to help with the stability of display stands, where necessary. These are available as a 2kg. Oval Steel Baseplate, measuring 400 x 175mm, or as a heavier 7.5kg. Dome Base, which is 450mm diameter. Both are powder coated silver to match the aluminium. The Dome Base can have a 10kg weight added, making a total wight of 17.5kg. This is particularly useful if you have a freestanding display carried by a single post, such as with the Linear Graphic, Audio Visual and Literature Posts.

As described above, there are standard components available to incorporate additional marketing features into you display. These include 2 types of literature holder - the A4 Steel Literature Shelf, which fits on the side of a Linear Post, or the A4 Acrylic Literature Pocket, which fits to the front of a post. Displays become practical for Demonstrations and Product Displays, with shelves and table-tops that can be incorporated into the system.

Screen Mounts are also available, for larger Plasma Screens, LCD Screens, Tablets and iPads.

Being modular, Linear Displays can be extended and reconfigured as necessary, whilst remaining portable for multi-event applications. The system can be adapted to suit the graphic media of your choice - 5mm Foamex infill panels, fabric banners and Magnetic PVC Panels.

To make the system more adaptable, you can combine it with Vector Displays to include large sheet SEG Graphics Panels within the structure. This breaks the rhythm of a modular system by enabling graphics that are not interupted by having aluminium posts visible.

Whilst we show a range of kits, being a Modular Display System, Linear can be configured to meet your specific needs.

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