Linear Vector Kits are simple to assemble aluminium frames which can support large printed fabric sheets to produce what appears to be a Virtually Frameless Graphic Display.

Vector can be used as floor-standing or wall-mounting graphic frames. It is particularly suitable for use with SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics). The graphics are dye-sub printed onto fabric and a silcone bead is sewn into the perimeter of the graphic. The aluminium angle frame has a groove on the outer edge and the silcone gasket is pushed into the groove, stretching the fabric taught all the way around and removing any creases. This produces a stunning graphic display...with simply and ease!

Vector can be used on its own as a Display System, or it can also be combined with Linear to create more design options.

The simplicity and effectiveness of the system makes it suitable for a range of uses, including Modular Exhibition Stands, Retail Displays, Museums, Showrooms, Conferences, LightBoxes, Wall Mounted Graphics and Floor Standing Displays.