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Panel and Pole Systems are more adaptable than Folding Panel Kits. Individual Display Boards are linked together with clips that are attached to the sides of the panels. The panel is then pushed against the pole so that the clips connect onto the pole This method of connecting the panels together means that you can use the same set of display boards to create larger or smaller displays. The kits shown are based on 2 types of Display Board:

Baseline Panels are lightweight 10mm thick board with an 18mm thick frame and are suitable for use in small panel and pole set ups. The recessed frame means that you can leave a graphics panel up to 3mm thick on one face of the board during transport and storage. When doing this, you should deduct 14mm from the display panel size so that it fits within the recess. If you want to use the full width of the display panel, the frame is flush on the reverse.

Baseline Plus Panels are 18mm thick within a 25mm thick frame. The boards are more rigid than standard Baseline panels. Again, the frame is recessed on one face so that you can leave graphics up to 3mm thick on the board during transport and storage. The reverse side has a flush fitting frame so that full width graphics can be applied

For both systems the Display Boards are a honeycomb construction. The front and back faces are compressed boards that are separated by an expanding mesh that creates a strong, but lightweight panel. There is no timber or metal frame hidden inside and the rigidity of the board is completed by the PVC frame around the perimeter. This PVC frame has a channel into which pole clips are inserted through the opening and then slide up or down into position.

Our Exhibition Panels are covered with foam backed loop nylon fabric, which is velcro compatible. Displays and graphics are generally fixed to the boards with male hook fastener (Velcro) which is self-adhesive and stuck to the back of the display item. The hooks grip onto the loop nylon and the display can be removed and/or repositioned without leaving a mark on the panel. There is no need to apply lots of hook fastener to make the item stay fixed to the panel - in fact too much will make it more difficult to release the display. A surprisingly small amount will suffice. There is a good choice of loop nylon colours available.

Whilst standard Panel and Pole Kits are based on 900x600 and 700x 1000mm panels, a range of other standard sizes is available. Display Boards are made to order and so we can produce custom sizes to suit your specific needs.

Feet and Baseplates are often not required when the panels are sitting on the floor, as stability can be created with a suitable plan layout. If the panels are off the floor (as shown in some of the photos) then we recommend upgrading the Straight Feet to Circular Baseplates. Circular Baseplates weigh over 3kg and this creates a far more stable structure. Straight Feet are only suitable when the panels sit on the floor. If you want to have a straighter layout, again, circular baseplates should be used. Always ensure that your stand layout is stable.

Standard Panel and Pole Kits come complete with Basic Panel Bags that have carry handles. We have a good range of Panel Kit Bags available in a variety of sizes, many with shoulder straps. Basic Bags have carry handles, whilst Standard Bags also have webbing and shoulder straps. Panel Cases are also available along with bags for other accessories.

Choose from our range of Display Lighting to highlight your stand display. Lighting is an important accessory to ensure that your display is shown at its best and attract the attention of visitors.

The Panel and Pole Kits shown on this page are popular standard set ups. However, being a system of individual components, these standard kits can be adapted to suit your requirements. It is also common to design a Panel and Pole Exhibition Stands from scratch and we would be very pleased to assist with this and submit a detailed quotation.

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