Linked Banners

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Linked Exhibition Banners...for a more impressive, cohesive display!

Linking banner stands together offers a very manageable and flexible system for creating Graphic Backdrops that can be made larger or smaller with ease. There are tension banners and roller banners that can be used as Linked Banner Stands, according to the requirements of your display.

Tension Banners include Linked Uno Banners and Stealth. The framework of these stands are joined together with rail linking pieces and the graphics are held in place with an edge-magnet system on the back of the banner.

Aero Roller Banner is a more flexible Roller Banner System that can be linked together to create a flexible stand structure. Telescopic poles and a variety of Banner Casette widths ensure that this is a very flexible banner system.

Recommended banner print material is included with each banner stand, but feel free to ask about other options that may be available.

We can supply Artwork Templates for your linked banner stands, to help your designer set the artwork efficiently and correctly.

Ensure your banners are shown at their best by including banner lights to highlight your display!