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Watch this video of a Formulate Straight Wall to understand the simple principles of Formulate Fabric Displays.

Videos are also available specific to some of the the Formulate Displays available on this page.

Formulate is one of the latest display systems to the market. Lightweight aluminium frames simply spigot together to form creative, curved structures.

The display is dye-sub printed onto PowerStretch fabric to form a 'graphic sock' The graphic sock is then simply pulled over the Formulate Framework and secured into position with hook fastener overlaps or zips.

Spectacular large format graphic displays are created quickly and easily - without fuss!

The advancement in dye-sublimation printing over recent years means that high quality graphics are produced for Formulate. The PowerStretch fabric ensures a taut fit over the framework that pull-out any creases.

Formulate now covers the following categories of display equipment:

Pop-Up Displays - a range of units that challenge the options of a Pop-Up Stand, yet simplify their assembly and use!

Banner Stands - freestanding banner displays---with a twist!

Exhibition Counters - ideal as information points.

Hanging Signs - for hanging from the ceiling in Exhibition Halls and Showrooms.

Arches and Meeting Pods - large and small.

Manufacture, printing and finishing are all usually complete within a week.

Formulate kits are supplied complete with an equipment bag for easy transport and storage.

The PowerStretch graphics are washable at 30°, preferably without detergent.

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