With changes in printing technology and materials, Lightboxes have become simpler to use in recent years. It is no longer necessary to construct a deep box filled with loads of fluorescent tubes, behind a transparency sandwich of clear and opal acrylic. Things have changed, primarily for two reasons.

Firstly, Lightboxes are now generally illuminated by LED lights that have low power consumption and generate less heat. They produce a bright white light which carries well over distance. A well distributed, even light is achieved by reflective backgrounds and interiors. There are two lighting arangements that are used in these lightboxes. Either lights evenly spaced within the backgound of the lightbox, or lights arranged around the perimeter of the unit. Lights spaced within the background will require a deeper lightbox to ensure that the lamps are not too close to the front face and producing highlights. When the lights are arranged around the perimeter, these are called Edge Lit Lighboxes, and they can be made to work within a much thinner structure.

Secondly, advances in digital and dye-sublimation printing mean that printing on fabrics has come on leaps and bounds. The quality of the prints is excellent and works well on fabrics that are suitable for back-lighting. Fabric printing has great advantages over the traditional opal/clear acrylic sandwich that used to be used for Lightboxes, particularly where the lightbox is intended for exhibition or event use. Transporting large sheets of acrylic is awkward, prone to damage and costly. Fabrics can be sewn together to produce large graphic prints that can be folded and contained in small packages that are easily transported and delivered. Then, they are generally fixed to the face of the lightbox by sewing into the perimeter a silicone gasket (SEG - Silicone Edged Graphics) that is pushed into a groove in the frame, with a suitable tension that secures the print and stretches out any creases that may have formed.

These lightboxes are ideal for use in both retail and exhibition environments, including Portable Lightboxes for all manner of promotion units at indoor events.

LED Snap Frame Lightboxes produce a slimline, Edge Lit Lightbox that has a snap frame front to help with quick-change graphics. Frames are available with a silver anodised finish as standard or with choice of 5 other colours.

The Vector Aluminium Framework System is ideal for producing freestanding and wall mounted lightboxes, with SEG fabric graphics. There are 4 different widths of frame, including 75mm that is ideal for making Wall Mounted Lightboxes through 100, 125 and 150mm for Freestanding Lightboxes.

Whilst Vector is ideal as an Exhibition System, Embrace+ is a Pop-Up Display System that has been developed to include LED lighting curtains that hang within the frame to produce an internally illuminated Pop-Up Stand. All the storage and transport advantages of a Pop-up Display, but with the impact of a Lightbox

Designed specifically for Exhibition and Event use, IllumiGo Transportable Lightbox is supplied complete with all the parts stored neatly in a box with a handle.