Pop-Up Exhibition Stands

Evolution Quick and Impact Pop-Up Stands are UV printed and cured to be scratch resistant and do not require a laminated seal. Both are supplied finished and ready to go!

Pop-Up Display Stands are referred to as being 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, etc. This is the size, being the number of grids high (3) x the number of grids wide. Panels are hung magnetically to each grid width - plus 2 D-ends.

Impact pop-up stands are available either curved or straight. These stands are sold complete with frame, magbars and printed graphics that have magtape applied to the back of the prints. However, they are also supplied as a Pop-Up Stand Bundle, complete with 2 Lights, a Zenith Case and Hinged Worktop...a complete stand and ready to go!

Prices are based on the client supplying 'print ready' artwork. We can, however, offer design and artworking services for Pop-Up Stands at very reasonable rates.

However, things are moving on and new system take advantage of the developments that have taken place with large format printing on fabrics. Before you decide that a traditional Pop-Up Stand is what you need, you need to look at similar systems that may suit your graphic display requirements better.

Embrace Fabric Pop-Ups utilise a traditional pop-up frame that expands from storage size to an expanded frame with little effort. Instead of applying magbars vertically between the frame nodes, graphic bars are fixed around the perimeter of the fame. The stretch fabric graphic is then fitted to the frame by inserting the silicone gasket on the edge of the graphic sheet into the slot on the perimeter frame