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Event Flags and Banners

We have a wide range of Event Flags available to promote your event. Not only are they great for use at outdoor events, but they are also very useful if you want to advertise an indoor event to passers-by.

Originally, these flags were primarily used as Sail Flags, particularly on beeches. As their height and wind movement combine to attract attention, developments in the digital print world have made them ideal as general Advertising flags.

Zoom is the main range of Exhibition Flags. Feather, Quill, Rectangle and Crest are optional shapes with a variety of heights betweeen 2m and 5m. Zoom has a narrow GRP pole that tapers towards the top. The pole is fed through a pocket that runs the length of the the side of the flag. The shape of the pocket flexes the pole and rigidises the flag shape when it is tensioned.

Printing for Promotion Flags is generally by Dye-Sublimation on lightweight Flag-Knit Polyester. The Flags move better with single-sided printing that shows a mirror image on the reverse. However, double-sided printing is perfectly feasible on smaller flags. 2 prints are made with the images the right way around on both sides. The two faces are then sewn together with a liner sandwiched between them to prevent the reverse side showing through. This makes a heavier flag which is not suitable for larger units and won't move as well in a breeze. Black or white pole pockets are standard, although all over print is possible in some circumstances.

Event Banners are part of your corporate promotion and should therefore be kept in good condition. If your flag looks dirty, you can wash it (see below) or if it's looking tatty - replace it! It is so important that your name, logo and marketing look fresh and tidy!

Weather Conditions

If the wind is strong, it is recommended that you take your flag down to avoid damage.

Heavy rain combined with high winds is the worst combination. Rain increases the weight of Promotional Flags and the wind-load exerted on the pole can cause failure. You should never fly a flag when the wind is Force 8 or greater.

Allowing a flag to flutter against the side of a building or another obstruction will cause the flag material to weaken and a tear or fray is likely to appear.

A wide range of Flag Bases are available to suit Zoom Banner Flags. Various sizes of Water Bases are available to suit different flag heights and these can be filled with water or sand. There are also Steel Plate and Cross Bases that can be combined with water rings to give extra stability on hard surfaces. Ground Spikes for securing Advertising Flags in the ground are ideal for either longer or shorter events where the flag is positioned on grass or soft ground. Concrete Bases are available for use on hard surfaces such as paving or tarmac, whilst Drive-on Feet are ideal for use with cars and other vehicles on sales forecourts.

We have other flags apart from Zoom. Shimmer Budget Event Flag, which is a more economical and telescopic up to 3m tall. It comes complete with a small water base.

Wind Dancer Flag is a heavier duty telescopic pole with a large water base. A wider rectangular flag is included.

Lamp-post Mounted Flag units are also available to advertise on the street at high level. Mistral includes a rectangular banner flag 800mm wide x 2m drop. The height of the flag can be adjusted to suit. up to 3m.

In all cases, we can supply Artwork Templates for your Graphic Designer to accurately and efficiently produce print ready artwork. We are also experienced in Graphic Design and Artwork and can offer our services at very reasonable rates, if required. We will need an idea of what sort of thing you want by way of a brief, along with eps files for logos, etc. and any hi-res images that you may want included. We also have access to library pictures which can be used in the design.

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Never store your Flag Banner when it's wet

Always hang it up and allow it to dry before putting it away

Pollution & Ultra Violet

Pollution will cause the white areas of a flag to become grey

UV can cause flag deterioration and some fading of the colours

Life Expectancy of a Flag

This is difficult to predict as it is entirely dependant on the climatic conditions and hours of flying.

The realistic life span of a flag in regular use is 6 months.

Flags are generally regarded as corporate promotion and/or customer courtesy and should therefore be kept in good condition

Some buy flags in threes - one to fly, one in the wash or in repair, and one spare.

Flag Maintenance

If the wind is strong it is recommended that you take your flag down

Heavy rain combined with high winds is the worst combination as rain increases the weight of the flag and thus the wind-load exerted on the pole

You should never fly a flag when the wind is Force 8 or greater

Washing & Repair

Flags can be washed in a regular household washing machine on a 40 degree wash with normal detergents

If the end of the flag is frayed trim, reinforce and re-hem to extend the life.


Damage is often caused by objects that the flag beats on when flying, typically if it is incorrectly sited against a wall or similar

If the end of the flag is frayed trim, reinforce and re-hem to extend the life.

Make sure that your flag cannot catch or snag on the pole or another object nearby

Do not site poles too close together

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Email: sales@displaykit.co.uk