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We have a good range of Event Tents, Gazebos and Canopies for outdoor exhibitions and events. From a 2 x 2m Pop-up Event Shelter through to a 3 x 6m. Exhibition Tent, there will be something here to suit your needs and budget.

If you are organising an outdoor event, it is important to provide shade and shelter while you entertain your guests. Staff and visitors both need protecting from the rays of the sun, especially nowadays when we are experiencing hotter and stronger sunlight. We all find it more comfortable working and socialising with a bit of shade and a little less heat! Mind you, in the UK we are also used to less glorious weather, and, whilst out tents are not waterproof, they will provide some shelter from a bit of wind and rain.

The fabric canopies and walls provide you with plenty of space for your corporate identity and advertising to be printed direct to the fabric and enhance your marketing and presence. Good graphic design can make your Event Shelter stand out from the crowd. Combine it with some Promotional Flags or Outdoor Banners, and your Gazebo really does become an Outdoor Exhibition Stand

Our main range of Event Shelters is Zoom Tents. They are great value and can either be supplied with printed or plain colour fabrics. These include canopies, full walls and half walls in black or white. The walls can be supplied with single-sided printing or with an additional sheet so that double-sided graphics are displayed inside and outside the tent.

Event Tents are available in 4 sizes - 2x2, 3x3, 3x4.5 and 3x6m. You can also butt them together to create a larger covered area. The height is adjustable, giving overall heights of 3130, 3215, 3295 and 3355mm.

The weight of the tent frames is as follow:

2 x 2m – 19.6 Kg

3 x 3m – 26.0 Kg

3 x 4.5m – 32 Kg

3 x 6m – 44 Kg

Zoom Event Shelters are supplied with a bag to store and transport the frame and fabrics. The structure is fairly straight forward to erect and expands to full size as a Pop-up Tent.

We recommend that weights are added to the legs/feet to help keep the tent in position. We can supply 8kg weights that have a cut-out to fit around the leg and they then sit on top of the foot. The weights can be stacked one on top of another to increase the resistance.

These tents are not just suitable for outdoor exhibitions and events but are also at home in your garden as a Party Tent. Ideal to keep things a bit cooler whilst you celebrate in style!

Because they are so simple to put up, why not take your Canopy Tent to any outdoor event where there is space for you to Pop-up your own Festival Tent. Check with the organiser beforehand...it should't be a problem, provided your shelter is located around the perimeter of the site and not in the centre of the field obstructing the view of others.

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