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We have a wide range of Outdoor Display Equipment, specifically designed to promote your business at outdoor locations and withstand the elements that the British weater can throw at it. It may be an A-frame sign board to advertise to passers-by outside your shop or showroom, or a large exhibition tent with flags to promote your organisation at an outdoor event...we have solutions for print and despatch!

Outdoor displays need to work in sun, wind and rain, although their suitability will vary according to the conditions. Weights and guy ropes will help to keep things in place, but there sometimes comes a point when it is safest to dismantle until the conditions improve. This will not only prevent damage and injury, but it will also preserve the longevity of the equipment. This doesn't mean that you have to be constantly putting displays up and down, just be aware of the circumstances.

Our production has the expertise and skills required to ensure that your display is finished properly so that it works efficiently for you!

Outdoor Literature Holders are available in A4, A5 and 1/3A4 paper sizes. They incude a lid to help keep your leaflets dry for passing customers. Our range of Premium Outdoor Leaflet Holders have a self-closing lid to give greater protection.

Outdoor Counters are listed, constructed from materials that will withstand the wind and rain and have hollows that you can fill with sand or water as ballast. Graphics can be added with overlays or wraps, to ensure that your identity and presence are easily seen. Tornado Counter is eminently suitable, being a moulded construction with a hollow base to add ballast for stability. Counta Promotion Table is good for damp conditions but lighter, so it is not as suited to windier conditions. Both have header panels on poles above head height, so that you can be seen from a distance and through the crowds.

Sign-boards are available in various styles and sizes, so that you can display posters and graphics outside your premises. Pavement Signs remain a favourite for this type of advertising, along with Forecourt Signs like Whirlwind. Other Floor Standing Signs include poster displays, like Symbol, which is good for Information Panels, or Shield, which makes a good Advertising Board.

Other structures to promote your presence at an outdoor event include a simple Entrance Arch and an Inflatable Graphics Column.

The Zoom Arch is a shaped flag which feeds onto a flexible pole and, with a couple of water bases, forms an easy-build Exhibition Arch.

Bora Inflatable Column compliments the Inflatable Tent and can be used as an indepenent 2.2m high Advertising Graphics Column.

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