Crucial to the safe operation of shops, businesses and any organistaion during the Coronavius Epidemic, we have a range of Sanitising Equipment. This includes Sanitising Stations and Counters to protect your staff and visitors. These are not short-term investments - they are likely to be important for some while and may be required as a matter of course as our economic and social interaction develops in time.

We have Sanitising Units and Tables that hold sanitising gel and ancillary equipment, such as paper towels, gloves and waste containers. Freestanding, counter top and wall-mounting designs are available. The sanitiser can be dispensed via a pump bottle or an electric sensor, which saves having to actually touch the equipment. We can also supply refills of Sanitising Gel.

For younger children, we have a Kids Sanitising Station, which can be decorated with standard cartoon graphics, or your own design.