Fabric Colours


Please make your fabric colour choice from the colour swatch below. Please remember that colours will vary from screen to screen and should not therefore be relied upon for colour match. If colour matching is important, we can send a fabric sample to you - please allow for batch variation.


We use Foam Backed Loop Nylon, which has a thin foam backing to give a more luxurious appearance.


Our loop nylon is Velcro Compatible.

Apply Self-Adhesive Male Hook Fastener to the back of your display item...postion it against the loop nylon...and it will stay in place.

To remove or change the display, simply pull it off the loop nylon. There should be no no holes or marks where the display was fixed.

You do not need to use loads of hook fastener to get a good connection. Using excessive amounts is more likely to delaminate the fabric from the board when you pull off the display.

Please ensure that the display item is clean and grease free. With heavier or more awkward items, it may be necessary to staple the male hook fastener, or otherwise, to ensure that the self-adhesion doesn't fail.