Display Boards and Exhibition Panels

Folding Panel Kits

Folding Panel Kits


Choose from Baseline, Baseline Plus and Gear-Edge


Folding Panel Kits are hinged together


Bags included for transport and storage


Panel and Pole Systems

Panel and Pole Systems



See our range of Panel and Pole Kits


Display boards linked together with clips and poles


More flexibility from the one set of display panels


Desktop Displays

Desktop Displays


Desktop panel kits, complete with a carry bag


Fast displays for smaller events


Velcro compatible loop nylon


4 Panel Kits

4 Panel Kits


Panel kits with 4 main display panels


Break down for easy transport and storage


Use panels Landscape or Portrait



6 Panel Kits

6 Panel Kits


Panel kits with 6 main display panels


Panel and Pole Systems and Folding Panel Kits


900 x 600mm and 1000 x 700mm display boards

7 Panel Kits

7 Panel Kits


Panel kits with 7 main display panels


Hinged and Folding Panels create triangular worktop


900 x 600mm and 1000 x 700mm display boards

8 Panel Kits

8 Panel Kits


Panel kits with 8 main display panels


Panel and Pole Systems and Folding Panel Kits


900 x 600mm and 1000 x 700mm display boards

10 Panel Kits

10 Panel Kits


Panel kits with 10 main display panels


Panel and Pole Systems and Folding Panel Kits


900 x 600mm and 1000 x 700mm display boards

Display Screens

Display Screens


Larger folding screens and display panels


Freestanding panels for instant displays and room dividers


Easy to move panels on castors

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Baseline Display Panels


Baseline display panels are 10mm thick in an 18 mm frame.


With one face recessed, graphics can be left on when the kit is folded shut


Baseline Plus Panels


Baseline Plus display panels are 18mm thick in a 25mm frame.


A more rigid panel than standard Baseline, but also with a graphics recess



Phantom Display Panels


Phantom are 18mm thick premium panels, suited for exhibition stands


With no visible frame, Phantom creates a virtually seamless presentation


Artist Display - Rob Rowland

Phantom panel and pole system

Used to display clients' paintings

Adjustable for size and layout




Door Panels


Lockable door panels provide basic security for display stands


Create walk-in and under-counter storage areas with simple key access


Shaped Exhibition Panels


Design features can be incorporated with shaped exhibition panels


Feature boards include Shaped Headers and Apertures.


300mm dia. Baseplate

Increased stabilty for Panel and Guidance Systems

300mm dia Baseplate

Available in silver or black


Uno Fabric Banner

Uno fabric banner with tension fabric panel

Velcro compatible Prelude in a choice of colours

800 or 1000mm wide panel


Omega Fabric Roller Banner

Velcro compatible roller banner with

Grey, Blue, Red or Black pull-up fabric

780mm wide panel




Noticeboards for wall mounting landscape or portrait

Anodised aluminium frame

Cork or felt covering


Exhibition Display Stand


This exhibition display stand incorporates Slatwall


Medici Blue FB loop nylon covered display boards


Corner cupboard with lockable door


Exhibition Display Boards


Display Boards used to create an open 2 sides Exhibition Stand


A lockable store is provided in the corner


Arena4 Gantry carries lighting

Exhibition Display Panel


Exhibition display panels create this 3.5 x 3.0m stand


Open 2 sides with a lockable store and counter


Acrylic panels create a showcase

Exhibition Boards


Phantom exhibition boards create this 5.0 x 2.0m stand


Gantry for lighting between 2 front columns


Discussion worktop in the back wall

Display Boards and Exhibition Panels


Display Boards are generally constructed as a honeycomb sandwich between two thin facings to create a rigid, but lightweight panel.  The panel is then usually covered with a Velcro compatible fabric which allows display items to be applied and removed without leaving a mark. At Displaykit, we have 3 main Display Boards available:

Baseline Panels which are are lightweight 10mm thick board with an 18mm thick frame. One face is recessed to allows graphics up to 3mm thick to be left on the panel when the kit is folded shut. Baseline panels are particularly suited for Folding Panel Kits and Table Top Displays but can also be used for small panel and pole set ups.

Baseline Plus Panels are 17mm thick boards within a 25mm thick frame and therefore studier than standard Baseline panels. Again, one face of the panel is recessed, but a little less at 2mm. Baseline Plus is also suitable for use as Folding Display Panels, but their sturdier construction also makes them more suitable for Panel and Pole set ups.

Phantom Panels are our 18mm thick premium panels, suited for medium and larger exhibition stands. There is no visible frame as the fabric is tucked into a channel within the side thickness of the board. So, without a visible frame, Phantom panels produce a virtually seamless joint when the panels butt up against each other. This creates a cleaner, more prestigious display backdrop.

Exhibition Panels can be linked together by several methods. For self-assembly display kits the 2 main systems are:

Folding Display Boards - very popular for fast to assemble panel kits. The boards are permanently connected with hinges so that they can be folded open and closed for transport and storage. We have 2 grades of panel that we use for folding panel kits - Baseline and the thicker and more sturdy Baseline Plus.

Panel and Pole Kits - comprise individual display boards that are linked together with snap-on clips that attach display boards to poles. This system is more adaptable than folding panel kits because the boards are not permanently linked together. Panel and Pole systems are particularly useful for self-build exhibition stands and a wide range of accessories enables you to create a display area specific to your requirements.

Panels are available in standard sizes, such as 900 x 600mm, 1000 x 700mm and up to 2250 x 1000mm. However, panels are made to order and can be supplied at custom sizes to suit your design and display. The clips and poles are available in two sizes, 16 and 25mm diameter, either black or grey in colour.

Generally, display panels can be set-up with a plan layout that enables the display to stand on its own without additional support. However there are occasions when it may be necessary to create more stability by adding feet or heavier baseplates, which are available from Displaykit.

Our display boards are generally covered with loop nylon fabric, which is velcro compatible. There is a range of 6 foam backed loop nylon colours - Black, Plasma Red, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, New Grey and Gunmetal. You can have on ecolour on the front face and another on the reverse, if that flexibility is more suitable for you.

Our standard panel kits come complete with Panel Bags. There is a range of Basic and Standard Bags available and you may wish to upgrade from Basic Bags to Standard Bags. Basic Bags have carry handles, whilst Standard Bags are also provided with webbing and a shoulder strap.

The appearance of any display is improved with the proper use of lighting. We have a range of Display Lights that are suitable for Exhibition Panels, including halogen and LED. Some are fitted with a bulldog clamp that attaches the light to the display board. Others may require a Universal Fitting Kit that adapts the fixing method to suit panels, but this doesn't work with all lights.