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New LED PowerSpot 50

5W LED mains voltage spotlight

475 lumen -  3000 Kelvin

Bulldog clamp for use on panel systems


New LED PowerSpot 800 Banner Light

5W LED mains voltage spotlight

520 lumen -  5000 Kelvin

For banner stands only - bulldog clip fitting


New PowerSpot 950-1000 LED Flood Light


1400 lumen LED floodlight

Black with leads and UK/Euro plugtops

Standard for Pop-Up stands but can be adapted


From £40.00

LED Display Floodlight

Energy efficient LED Floodlight

Suitable for Linear, Vector and some Pop-Ups

Fits Panel Systems and others with a Universal Fixing Kit


LED Picture Strip Light

Energy efficient LED Strip Light

Suitable for Linear, Vector and some Pop-Ups

Fits Panel Systems and others with a Universal Fixing Kit


LED Exhibition Light

Energy efficient LED Exhibition Light

Suitable for Linear and Vector Systems only

Elegant swan neck design


LED Lighting Transformer

for the LED Display Floodlight,

LED Picture Strip Light and

LED Exhibition Light

Connects up to 5 lights


Blast Accent LED

Flashing LED Effects Light to grab attention

Freestanding with an adjustable head

For indoor use only


Colour Blast Accent LED

Flashing LED Colour Effects Light to grab attention

Freestanding with an adjustable head

For indoor use only


PopUp D-end Internal Fluorescent

For internally illuminating pop-up end panels

20watt triphosphor fluorescent tube

Simply clip light on to pop-up scissors



Universal Light Fitting Kit

This kit increases the fixing options for some lights

Includes clamp for panels and other systems

Also adapter blocks for Evolution PopUps


Display Lighting

Display Lighting

We have a wide range of display lighting to suit each different category of display equipment.

Clamp-on Spotlights, Banner Lights, Pop-up Display Lights and others suitable for a range of display systems.

Whilst some fittings are designed for use with a specific type of display equipment, others can be adapted with a Universal Fitting so that they can be used on different types of equipment. This includes a clamp for use with display panels, gantry and banner stands, along with adapters for Evolution PopUp Stands.  Your order will therefore be processed according to the system with which your lights are being ordered, unless you specify otherwise.



In line with current technology, display lights are becoming more and more efficient. With the introduction of LED panels, such as that used on PowerSpot 950-1000, display spotlights can produce a bright white light, ideal for exhibitions and display. LED lighting also saves money by consuming less electricity, which reduces the cost of electrical connections in exhibition halls. Typically before, 4 x 150w spotlights would total 600w, which meant that you had to order a 1kw socket, which costs considerably more than a 500w socket. This is a fairly typical situation as you are generally allowed only 1 x 4-way trailing lead per electrical socket.

Another advantage of LED Lighting is that the spotlights do not generate much heat. This means that the exhibition stand working environment remains much cooler, instead of having you 'tan' topped up by the heat generated from more traditional tungsten and halogen spotlights. Less heat also means that you can pack away LED exhibition lights without fear of burning yourself and they can be packed away sooner without having to cool.

Our latest range of LED Display Lights include a LED Banner Spotlight, an LED Display Floodlight, a LED Picture Strip Light and a styish LED Exhibition Light. Some of these can be used with a universal fitting as a clamp-on spotlight for panels, gantry and pop-up displays, whilst others are designed to be used with banner stand or Linear Modular Systems. Linking cables are included and you can connect up to 5 spotlights to one transformer.

Display spotlights and transformers are supplied with a UK/EU plug convertor.

If you are ordering display lighting alone, please state the type of display system the lights are being used with when you place your order.