Sign Systems

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Orbita Stand-offs

Orbita Stand-offs for modern sign fixing

Silver anodised finish barrell

Range of sizes available


Edge Stand-offs

Orbita Edge Stand-offs for 'no drilling' sign fixing

Silver anodised finish

2 sizes available


Orbita-Strata Rails

Aluminium rail for sign fixing systems

Fixing option for Strata Cable and Orbita Stand-offs 

1.0m and 2.0m lengths



Reflecta Trappa Graphics Unit

Freestanding graphic display units - stylish elipse designs

Various sizes - 800mm - 2.00m tall

Easy assembly - pack-flat storage



Trappa A-Sign-Boards

A-Sign board for indoor and outdoor use

Easy front loading A1 and A2 portrait

Galvanised steel backing


From £40.00

Plex A-Frames

Plex A-Frames for indoor and outdoor use

Easy front loading aluminium snap frames

A0, A1 and A2 sizes available



Whirlwind Outdoor Sign

Heavy duty Whirlwind outdoor swing sign

Double sided A1 or A0 portrait snap frames

Wheeled base for water or sand ballast


From £79.00

Wedge Sign Support

Wedge sign supports

300 - 1000mm widths for indoor and outdoor use

For max. 1500mm high x 18mm thick panels 



Trappa Poster Frames

Trappa Poster Frames have a 25mm frame with mitred corners

Simple front loading snap action

A4 to A0 sizes available



Telescopic Info Points

Telescopic A3 and A4 poster stands

Aluminium snap frame with chrome corners

Rotating head landscape or portrait


From £39.00

Sentry Poster Stands

Sentry poster stand with simple snap action frame

Ideal for info panels, menus, directional signs, etc

Available in A4 and A3 sizes



Shield Sign Board

A rigid sign board with aluminium panel

Choice of panels - either curved corners or arch top

Ideal for use outside shops, restaurants, etc


From £40.00

Cable Display Systems

Cable Display Systems


Versatile cable display solutions


Wall or ceiling suspension available


Silver satin finish fittings


Sign Systems


Our Sign Systems are designed to make your display of Posters, Notices and Information Panels as simple as possible. They are suitable for most environments, including Retail. Commercial and Community use.

Stand-offs are a popular way to display signs boards in commercial locations such as reception areas. The sign panel is drilled where tha Stand-offs are to be located. The barrel body is screwed to the wall as a spacer and, with the sign panel sitting against these spacers, a threaded cap is tightened into the barrel. This sanwiches the panel between the barrel and the cap to secure the sign and makes the sign appear to be floating off the wall.

In some circumstances, it is not possible, or desirable, to drill the panel (glass for instance). In those cases, Edge Stand-offs are ideal. These are a cicular barrels again, but with a recess in the body into which the panel sits. A grub screw is then tightened with an allen key to clamp the panel in place.

In office and showroom locations, Cable Display Systems are popular. The cables are stretched taught between the ceiling and floor by fixing terminal plates securely top and bottom, or to the wall via hinged terminals. Panel supports are then positioned on the cables and acrylic poster holders are clamped to the panel supports. This method of displaying sale particulars is very popular with Estate Agents, allowing light to permeate through the open nature of the window display and into the showroom interior. The acrylic poster holders are available from A5 size through to A1 for larger displays. The holder is formed by folding a sheet of clear acrylic, which traps the display poster in a sandwich. The back panel is made wider than the front panel so that the panel supports can clamp onto it. This also allows the front panel to be pulled open so that the poster can be changed without taking the system apart.

Another poster style system that can be used for independent signs is Floorstanding Sign Holders. Available in A4 and A3 sizes, the poster frame can usually be rotated to display the sign either portait or landscape. Units are also available with a telecopic pole so that the height of the sign can be adjusted. Similarly, Wall Mounted Signs can be created by using Snap Frames and Trappa Poster Frames.

Pavement Signs are very popular in Retail Outlets. These are available as A-Sign Boards or heavier duty Forecourt Signs, such as Whirlwind. These sign-holders are available from A2 size through to A0. They are supplied with  a cover sheet to make them suitable for outdoor use, although not waterproof, so a plasticised poster print may be necessary. Please bear in mind that pavement signs are not intended for use on public footpaths or anywhere that they could prove to be a hazzard.

Floorstanding Sign solutions also include Graphic Pods, which can be waist height or full height at 2m high. They are designed to be a freestanding, column sign with double-sided graphics and ideal for shop and showroom use, with a more furnished look.

Sign Support Units like Wedge and Fantasy are available in various sizes to create base units that will give rigid printed boards stability. Designed for indoor use, their simple metal construction ensures that your message is seen.