1/3A4 Portrait Multi-Pocket Literature Racks

from £3.63

excl. VAT, plus delivery


1/3A4 Portrait Multi-Pocket Leaflet Racks for use on counter tops

Clear styrene injection moulded construction

1/3A4 x 2 pockets - from £3-63 ea.

1/3A4 x 3 pockets - from £4-95 ea. (can also be wall mounted)

1/3A4 x 4 pockets - from £4-95 ea.

1/3A4 x 8 pockets - from £14-13 ea.

1/3A4 x 12 pockets - from £19-75 each (can also be wall mounted)

Online prices are based on full box quanties for these units.

If you want a smaller quantity, please ask us to quote.

Delivery - 1/3A4 portrait multi-pocket literature racks are normally from stock

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