8 Panel Baseline Plus

from £255.00

Product data sheet


8 Panel folding kit made with Baseline Plus panels

Sturdy 25mm thick framed panels recessed on one face

900x600 or 1000x700mm panels x 8

250mm clip-on header panels x 2

Wide choice of colours

Loop nylon coverings - black or grey frame

Bag included with this kit

Baseline Plus display panels are recessed 2mm on one side and flush on the reverse. They are a stronger panel, being 18mm thick within a 25mm PVC frame.The loop nylon coverings are hook fastener (Velcro) compatible - thus avoiding the use of pins.

Please choose your frame and loop nylon colours using the drop down menu. If you require a second colour on the reverse side of the panels, please select it using loop nylon coverings as an option below.

Delivery - your 8 panel folding kit is made to order - lead times vary.

If it's urgent - please ask!