A3 ZedUp Lite



Product data sheet


A3 Zed-Up Lite is a larger capacity literature stand, with hard carry case

6 x A3 trays, double sided - 3 trays to each side

or 2 x A4 per shelf = 12 x A4 - or combine A3 and A4

Aluminium framed shelves with clear panels

Shelf size - 320 x 465mm overall - 305 x 437mm clear tray section

Front lip on shelf - 23mm

Overall dimensions assembled - 1420 (h) x 470 (w) x 370 (d)

Weight - 11kg

2 other sizes available:

A5 Zed-Up Lite

A4 Zed-Up Lite

Delivery - A3 Zed-Up Lite normally from stock

If it's urgent - please contact us!