Aero Roller Cassette


Aero+ Roller Cassettes for pull-down banners

11 sizes for variable height graphics from 990 - 1890mm

8 positions on the post capping from which you can set angles to vary you banner plan layout

Hook on and lock the banner cassettes to the Aero+ posts

3 banner widths available - 1000, 1500 and 2000mm

Prices are based on 440g/m2 banner vinyl

990 - 1890mm visible height + 167mm non visible bleed

150mm top roller bleed + 17mm bottom rail cover

Artwork templates available for Aero+ banners

Aero Original and Aero+ are not compatible

Delivery - generally about 7 days from approval of artwork for Aero+ banner stand. If it's urgent - please ask!