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Baseline Plus Display Boards

from £19.00
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Baseline Plus Display Boards are 18mm thick within a 25mm thick frame, making them a studier panel than standard Baseline. These are our Premium Display Panels.

With one face recessed, this allows graphics up to 3mm thick to be left on the boards when the kit is folded shut. This is very useful for transport and storage of the boards.

For recesssed graphics, you should deduct 14mm from the display panel size so that the graphic fits within the recess. If you want to use the full width of the display panel, the frame is flush on the reverse side.

Because they use a stronger board and thicker frame, Baseline Plus Panels are the better choice for panel and pole exhibition stands. However, they can also be used for folding panel kits.

  • Panels are covered with Foam Backed Loop Nylon in a range of colours.
  • The boards have a Grey PVC frame to all 4 edges.
  • Display Boards are made to order

Standard Sizes Available

2000 x 1000mm

1000 x 1000mm

1000 x 750mm

1000 x 500mm

750 x 500mm

250 x 1000mm

250 x 750mm

250 x 500mm

250 x 250mm

1800 x 900mm

1200 x 900mm

900 x 900mm

900 x 600mm

250 x 900mm

250 x 600mm

The sizes quoted can be used either portrait or landscape by simply positioning the pole clips on the sides as necessary. The clips are inserted into the edging channel and then slide them into position as required.

Display Boards are made to order and other sizes are available by quotation

Please contact us for more details on Baseline Plus display panels or ask us to quote:

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