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Baseline Plus Panel Screens

from £408.00
excl. VAT, plus delivery


Room Dividers on Wheels that can double-up as Display Screens

Wheel into position...form a stable shape...and lock the castors.

Baseline Plus Panel Screens are ideal as temporary partitions and room dividers.

Loop nylon covering means temporary poster and information displays can be applied with hook fastener (Velcro). This method means that you leave no mark when you remove or change the display.

  • 1500x600 or 1800x600mm panels
  • Hinged together as 5, 6 or 7 panel screens
  • 25mm thick Grey PVC frame on castors

  • 1500 x 600mm Panels
  • 5 panel kit (17kg)
  • 6 panel kit (20kg)
  • 7 panel kit (23kg)

  • 1800 x 600mm Panels
  • 5 panel kit (19kg)
  • 6 panel kit (23kg)
  • 7 panel kit (27kg

Please choose the panel size; 5, 6 or 7 panels and your choice of loop nylon colour using the drop down menu. If you require a second colour on the reverse side of the panels, please select it using loop nylon coverings as an option below.

Delivery - Baseline Plus Panel Screens are made to order - approx. 5 days.

If it's urgent - please ask!