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FASTFRAME Shaped Backwall Kits

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FASTFRAME Shaped Backwall Kits with Quick Assembly Frames and Easy Mount SEG Graphics. Ideal for creating effecive Exhibition Displays.

The frames are lightweight aluminium with flexible built-in joints that form a structural frame that folds out and locks in seconds. Simply stretch out the fabric graphics and feed the silicone edge into the groove in the frame to produce a taught, crisp image.

FASTFRAME Straight Backwall Kits are available in 3 sizes:

2000 x 3000mm wide - standard

2400 x 3000mm wide - by quotation

2400 x 3600mm wide -by quotation

3000mm Overall Plan Dimensions:

2690mm wide x 940mm deep (including 400mm feet)

Graphics are dye-sub printed as STANDARD on Polyester Fabric, or PREMIUM on BlackBack Lightblock.

Graphics Design Format

3 @ 2000 x 1000mm - one image spanning 3 sheets side by side.

3 @ 2000 x 1000mm - separate images on each sheet.

1 @ 2000 x 3000mm - one sheet spanning 3 frames.

Single or Double-Sided graphics are available. In fact, you can convert your single-sided unit to double-sided by simply adding an SEG fabric print to fit to to the rear of the frame at any time!

This kit comes complete with a pair of side feet, a middle foot, 2 x 45 degree connector kits and bags for transport and storage.

The folding frame is constructed with 40mm aluminum bars and Nylon/ABS* corners which are built-in to create a strong folding unit. You can add units to your FASTFRAME Kit to create a larger structure, right up to a complete exhibition stand…Greater efficiency and flexibility using the same components

No tools are required for assembly.

FASTFRAME with Graphics are generally available within 7 days.