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Hook Fastener Strip - Self Adhesive

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Hook Fastener is sold as continuous strip in 5 and 25m rolls

It can be cut into squares or lengths as appropriate.

The reverse side is self-adhesive so that it can be stuck to paper, card, board and display items, as required.

Male Hook Fastener Strip - 20mm x 5m roll

Male Hook Fastener Strip - 20mm x 25m roll

Female Loop Fastener - 20mm x 25m roll

Often referred to as Velcro (the original brand name) Hook Fastener is used in the display industry to temporarily stick displays to display boards. The boards are covered with Loop Nylon, a fabric available in a range of colours, that has a finely looped finish which the hooks of the fastener grip to. This type of fabric is referred to as being 'Velcro Compatible'.

The grip between hook and loop nylon is strong, so it is not necessary to use very much to ensure that your display remains in place. Using too much can make it more difficult to remove the display from the panel and should be avoided.

Hook can also be used with Loop Fastener instead of loop nylon. Loop Fastener is also self adhesive and sold on the roll and then cut into squares or strips as necessary. When used together, Hook and Loop are sometimes referred to as male (hook) and female (loop).

Some substrate materials which you may want to stick the hook or loop to, may need specialist glue, staples or stitching to ensure that it remains in place. The porosity of the material can affect the adhesion, as can temperature, In some circumstances it may be best to test the use beforehand.