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Leader Queue Barriers

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Leader Queue Barrier is a Retractable Belt System

Ideal for any location where Queue Control Barrier is required

Black base, post and belt

Leader Barriers enable an efficient Pedestrian Guidance System

Perfect for use in retail premises, airports, leisure venues, reception areas ...indeed, anywhere queue management is required

Available with black posts and webbing to create a smart retractable barrier system

Each post is fitted with a belt housing that has one belt, 2m long, to attach to another post

Along with the belt, there are 3 hook on points so that each post can be connected to 4 other posts

The belt point and 3 attachment points are set at 90 degrees to each other, The belt attachmnet is flexible to ensure that connections can be at any angle on plan This means that you can create customised configurations to suit your crowd control. It can be adapted at any time to change your management of the queue as circumstances demand

Post height 910mm

Base dia. 350mm

Belt length 2m

Delivery - Leader Queue Barriers are normally from stock

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