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Modular Workspace Screens

from £276.00
excl. VAT, plus delivery


These Translucent Panels are ideal to create Modular Workspace Screens

The panels are fluted polycarbonate within a grey PVC frame

Being translucent, the panels allow light through into a work area, but ensure that the image on either side is diffused.

The 1000 x 1000mm panels are fixed together with panel clips to poles and clips and based on the Baseline Panel and Pole System

Whilst the panels can be set-up to stand independantly, Baseplates and Straight Feet are available for added stability - see below

These panels are available in 2.0m high kits, which include the required number of poles and clips

4 Panel Screen - 2.075m wide

6 Panel Screen - 3.100m wide

8 Panel Screen - 4.125m wide

Printing on the screen panels is available by quotation.

Delivery - your Modular Workspace Screen is made to order - approx. 5 days.

If it's urgent - please ask!