PowerSpot 950-1000 LED Flood Light

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PowerSpot 950-1000 is a low energy, high output LED Flood Light - a Great Value Display Light

Whilst designed as Pop-Up Stand Lights, they can be adapted with a Universal Light Fitting Kit. This enables use on Linear, Vector, Formulate, Arena-4 and Panels. Hop-Ups require another adapter, so please advise us when ordering.

Available as a Single or Double Light Kit, linked to 1 transformer.

Transformer included with both kits.

12W LED flood light

Produces 1400 lumen with 5500K daylight output

Straight arm with mesh head that is adjustable through 270 degrees

UK and Euro adapter plug tops included

Cable Lengths

Plugtop to splitter 1140mm

Splitter cable 275mm

Splitter to light 2500mm

Delivery - PowerSpot 950-1000 is normally available from stock

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