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Senior Baseline - PVC Frame


Senior Baseline with a grey PVC frame

Standard Table-top Display Boards that are light and easy to use!

The Senior Baseline portable display comprises:

  • 3 no. 900x600mm hinged panels
  • 1 no. 250x600mm clip-on header
  • Carry Bag with handles included
  • Weighs approx 4.5kg

...the ideal, simple to use, portable table top display boards

The Senior Panel Kit is made with Baseline display panels, which are recessed 3mm on one side so that display graphics can be left on the panels when folding it away for transport and storage.

Senior Baseline panels have loop nylon coverings, which are hook fastener (Velcro) compatible - thus avoiding the use of pins.

The display boards are edged with a Grey Frame.

Please choose your loop nylon colours using the drop down menu. If you require a second colour on the reverse side of the panels, please select it using loop nylon coverings as an option below.

Delivery - Senior Baseline panel kits are made to order - approx. 5 days. Blue/Grey kits may be available from Stock

If it's urgent - please ask!