Snap-Frame Lightbox

Snap-Frame Lightbox

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Wall mounted LED Snap Frame Lightboxes for stunning graphics

Slimline LED backlit technology creates a very shallow lightbox. The depth of the frame is very slim at just 22mm.

LED lighting to all 4 sides produces good light distribution

30mm wide aluminium snap-frame for quick change graphics.

Supplied with a 1-2mm thick clear protective poster cover sheet

Slimline Lightboxes are suitable for internal use only.

These lightbox frames can be supplied in a variety of finishes and colours

Silver Anodised Aluminium (as standard)

The folllowing powder coat colours are available at an additional cost

Jet Black

Signal White

Traffic Red

Ultramarine Blue

Moss Green

A5 to A0 and 60x40 poster sizes

Can be used portrait or landscape

Producing visible areas of:

A5 - 190 x 128mm (250 x 188mm external)

A4 - 277 x 190mm (337 x 250mm external)

A3 - 400 x 277mm (460 x 337mm external)

A2 - 574 x 400mm (634 x 460mm external)

30x20 - 742 x 488mm (802 x 548mm external)

A1 - 820 x 574mm (880 x 634mm external)

40x30 - 996 x 742mm (1056 x 802mm external)

A0 - 1168 x 820mm (1228 x 880mm external)

60x40 -1504 x 996mm (1564 x 1056mm external)

Supplied with cable and fitted plug-top.

Prices are subject to carriage and VAT

Delivery - LED Snap Frame Lightoxes are generally available from stock.

About 7 days from approval of artwork if printing is requied.

If it's urgent - please ask!