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T-100 Lectern

from £230.00
excl. VAT, plus delivery


The T-100 Lectern is based on the Trilite 100 Truss system.

This Modern Lectern has an angled document shelf supported by a triangular gantry column and square baseplate.

The unit is constructed from aluminium with 25mm dia. poles and 12.7mm zig-zags.

The baseplate is 400mm square to help with stability

The shelf is 350mm high x 460mm wide with a front lip to retain documents

The shelf is angled at 23 degrees to provide a comfortable viewing angle.

The overall height is 1124mm

Finishes available: Natural Aluminium and Silver, Black or White powder coating

Delivery: Lecterns may be available from stock. Otherwise, usually about 10-15 days delivery.

If it's urgent, please ask!