Vector Retail Lightbox

from £450.00


Great backlit images with the Vector Retail Lightbox.

The 125mm thick aluminium frame has a black anodised finish and a black base to complete the stylish look. This is a freestanding lightbox and will complement most retail environments

The lightbox has a groove both sides to receive SEG Graphics (Silicone Edged Graphics) This gives an edge-to-edge illuminated graphic with virtually no frame visible front on.

The frames are simply assembled with corner brackets that are allen key tightened to the side frames, along with bracing bars to stiffen the structure.

The base is curvedfront and back and is 350mm deep to help with stability.

LED lights are incorporated into the header and base rails to ensure an even spread of back-lighting. Push-fit electrical connectors link the lights and connections together during assembly.

SEG Graphics are applied using backlit fabric with a silicone gasket sewn into the perimeter. The gasket is offered to the front corner of the frame and then inserted into the groove along the front edge. It is then pushed into the other corners and fed along the groove to ensure a suitably tight fit that stretches out any creases. This can be repeated with a graphic to the rear or a plain white sheet to contain and reflect the light within.

There are 2 standard sizes of Vector Retail Lightbox

(width x height incl. base)

800 x 1882mm

1000 x 2082mm

Both are available Single or Double-Sided

Delivery - Vector Retail Lightboxes will take about 7 days from approval of artwork.

If it's urgent - please ask!