Modulate™ creates Magnetic Displays with a very special attraction! It connects units together via powerful hidden magnets within the tubular framework. Simple, lightweight, fast and flexible, Modulate™ creates great display backdrops and exhibition stands !

The Modulate System is based on the principles of Formulate. Frames are assembled using 30mm dia. aluminium tubes and connectors,which are numbered to make assembly easier. Joints are simply secured with push-button locators.

When the frame is assembled, the printed graphic sock is pulled onto the frame and stretches out any creases. It is then simply secured with a zip that is sewn in to the graphic, which completes the effect.

We recommend that you use gloves when handling the fabric graphic, just to protect the print from any dirt or residue on your hands. Modulate™ Graphics are however machine washable at a low temperature (40 degrees).

Feet are then located at the bottom of the legs and secured via a simple, patented, twist'n'lock system to give the unit stability. In order to join 2 Modulate™ frames together, one foot is removed and the magnetic attraction between the 2 legs secures the units together.

There are no physical clips or joiners, so the connecting angle of the frames can then be adjusted by simply moving them

to create the desired plan shape. This is a great help when adjusting the overall length to fit within a limited space.

A range of shapes and sizes provide flexibility to create the design and layout required for many applications. These include:

Trade Show Stands

Shell Scheme Interiors

Event Displays

Graphic Backdrops

Meeting Areas

Retail Displays

Shopfront Backwalls

Room Dividers

Office Screens

Modulate™ Display uses the MagLink System 360° which allows for quick snap-together connection. The magnets on all frames are located at the same height, so that 2.00m high frames can be connected to 2.40 high frames.

Frames are colour co-ordinated so that different types of frames can be easily identified and save mixing up the parts. The lightweight aluminium poles are split to reduce their length for transport but are connected together with bungees and push-button joints.

When the frame is assembled, the graphic is pulled over and stretched to pull out out creases. It is then secured onto the frame by closing up the zip under the bottom rail.

2 twist'n'lock feet are supplied with each frame, as standard. If the system need to be placed against a wall, within a shell scheme for instance, half feet are available to place the frames closer to the wall .

Each frame comes complete with an equipment bag, which has compartments for feet and graphics. The bag is padded and includes carry handles and a shoulder strap.