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At Displaykit we offer a broad range of Display Equipment.

With 40 years’ experience, we offer best advice for your choice of Exhibition Display Stand...based on quality, value and service!

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At Displaykit, we offer a wide range of different Portable Display Systems that will help you create an Exhibition Display Stand to suit your business or organisation! Exhibition Stands can be based purely on a graphic display, or a more involved structure with plinths and counters and other features to create product displays and information points. We all have an individual story to tell, and it is important that we choose the right Display Equipment to get that story across. With an Exhibition Display System, we have a matter of seconds to make the visitor take notice as they pass by. You may be friends or partners with some of the other exhibitors, but there will be those against whom you are competing!

You will need to decide your main aims for the event.

Are you simply wanting to enhance your image and perception within the industry?

Do you want to major on a particular product or service?

Are you selling product on the stand? – to take away there and then? – or to be supplied at some point in the future?

These basic questions, and others, will lead to you create an overall marketing strategy. You will then be in a position to decide if your Exhibition Stand needs to include storage, hospitality, reception, kitchen, or any other areas to make your stand work. You can then decide on the design brief, which may be quite simple for an Information Display Stand, or more complex for a larger Space Only Exhibition Site.

One thing is very certain for all Exhibitions and Events - you will need Graphics…even if it’s just to tell everyone who you are! They may be printed, cut-out, or even an AV Monitor with an exciting Audio-Visual presentation. Good Display Graphics on a well-presented stand space, go a long way to grabbing the attention of visitors!

The simplest form of Exhibition Graphics is a Banner Stand...especially Roller Banners - easily transported and erected in just seconds! With a Banner Stand Graphic you can set-up a small Information Display virtually wherever you want! Other types of Banner Stand include Tension Banners, Double-Sided and Outdoor Banner Stands.

Pull-Up Banners are particularly suitable for Foyer Events, where one person is promoting your company's products or services on their own. Space is usually limited and a banner stand at about 800m wide x 2m tall gives enough space to put across some punchy graphics to draw people's attention

Pop-up Displays have proved popular for Large Format Graphics over the years. They have been the mainstay for many companies at events all around the world. Their expanding, pop-up frame, magnetic graphics, and versatile transport cases, have made them ideal for all sorts of events, particularly Shell Scheme Interiors. However, with the advancement in printing on fabric, systems such as Formulate are fast becoming more popular. The tubular aluminium frames are very simple to assemble, and the graphic sleeve pulls over the frame and is then zipped shut. This makes the Formulate Graphics taught over the frame, removing any creases.

Other Exhibition Backdrop systems include Vector and Linear Display Systems. These are Aluminium Modular Systems to which you can apply Foamex Boards or Polyester Magnetic Graphics Panels and SEG Graphics. Vector includes a perimeter groove, into which you feed a silicone gasket that is sewn into the edge of the printed fabric sheet. This type of graphic is often referred to as SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics). SEG produces a very crisp looking graphic and, being a stretch fabric, wider widths can be produced in one piece to cover several frames at one go! This takes away the regularity of a modular appearance and helps to give the impression of more Custom Made Exhibition Stand.

The Linear System is very similar to the Modular Display Systems that are used to create Exhibition Shell Schemes. The system can be used with Foamex Panels that are installed in the grooves of the posts and beams that lock together with an allen key to form a framework. Alternatively, steel tape can be applied to the face of the beams, so that Magnetic Polyester Graphics Panels can be applied and hide the frame between the posts.

Linear and Vector can be combined together in one Exhibition Display Stand to maximise the use of graphics and structure.

Traditional Portable Display Boards covered with Velcro compatible loop nylon remain popular for artists, photographers, and all sorts of organisations, including churches, schools, and clubs. Folding Display Panels are quick and easy to put together as a Lightweight Display, whilst Panel and Pole Systems, offer greater flexibility. The Display Boards and poles are separate components and can be reconfigured in different arrangements to suit the size and shape of each event. The loop nylon covering means that you can regularly change graphics and information sheets. When used as Art Display Boards, heavier framed exhibits can be displayed using hook-over hanging systems in conjunction with heavier baseplates on the poles.

For Product Displays, our range of Display Plinths and Exhibition Counters form the basis of a very transportable and easily assembled range of Portable Exhibition Displays. Plinths and counters can also be created using modular display systems such as Linear. However, even our Physique range of Display Furniture is capable supporting weights up to 75kg. Graphics to reinforce your corporate image can usually be added as Graphic Wraps or Sign Panels.

It is important to display and organise leaflets and brochures using Literature Display Stands. Well displayed literature speaks volumes about your organisation! Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders are ideal for reception areas, and showrooms. whilst Portable Literature Stands are particularly suited for exhibition and event use. There are many different situations where it is necessary to make leaflets and information easily available for your customers to access and take away with them.

If you have a good area of floorspace, Floor-standing Brochure Stands may be useful as they can accommodate many Leaflet Pockets. If your Leaflet Display relates to something specific in an area of your shop or showroom, the available space may dictate that a simple Countertop Literature Holder may be best.

Signage and Poster Displays are vital for Retail and Showroom environments. Advertising Signs and Information Panels require Floor-standing or Wall Mounting Poster Holders. Paper posters can be displayed within Snap Frames, which are a quick-change Poster System. Shop window and showroom Information Displays can be highly effective and easily updated if you use Cable Display Kits. Steel wires and acrylic holders make this a very modern looking Poster Display System.

Outdoor Displays are enhanced by the wide range of Outdoor Banners, Event Flags and Exhibition Furniture that we have available. This category of Outdoor Exhibition Display Equipment has grown over recent years to include Event Tents and Cafe Barriers. Outdoor events are becoming more popular as a means of entertainment and for interacting with both old and new customers. Display Stands that can stand-up to the elements, especially lighter winds and rain are necessary, especially during the unpredictable summer months that we experience.

All Exhibition Stands are improved by the addition of suitable Display Lighting. We have a wide range, including clamp-on spotlights, to complement the systems that we supply. Most now have LED lamps, which are very energy efficient and economical to run!

Exhibition Gantry is a system ideal for creating structures to carry graphics and lighting to great effect! Lightweight and quick to erect, Gantry Systems can be combined with Graphic Banners to create strong Display Structures.

Creating a suitable Exhibition or Portable Display Stands can be a daunting exercise. Please contact us, either by phone or email and we will be extremely pleased to help and chat through the options.

Phone: 01327 844165

Email: sales@displaykit.co.uk